Auterion in the News

Digital Economy Award

Auterion won “The Next Global Hot Thing” award from Digital Economy Award. Our company was recognized for the advancements we are bringing to the drone ecosystem.


TechCrunch covers the launch of our open source operating system for commercial drones and the $10m seed investment from leading investors.


“Autonomy will change the status quo and enable use cases that are unthinkable today, unlocking the next level of value,” says our co-founder Kevin Satori. Full VentureBeat article.

CNN Interview

Our co-founders Lorenz Meier and Kevin Sartori discuss open source drone software with CNNMoney. Learn about how the drone industry is changing the world and the challenges that lie ahead.


Our co-founder Lorenz discusses at WORLD.MINDS. MOBILITY how society, governments, and industries can prepare for a world in which more and more things are taking to the skies.