AI for Safe Autonomous Drone Operations with Technologies from Auterion and Spleenlab

April 20, 2022

Drones run AI on the edge and use machine learning to autonomously conduct infrastructure inspections and collision avoidance

We are excited today to welcome Spleenlab to the growing Auterion ecosystem. Spleenlab’s VISIONAIRY® technology delivers AI-based safe perception software for drones to complete fully autonomous infrastructure detection, inspection, and collision avoidance. 

“Together with Spleenlab, we’re demonstrating that the future of robotics is now with our combined AI, machine learning and onboard edge technologies,” says Markus Achtelik, vice president of Engineering at Auterion. “This new partnership brings together the best technologies—Auterion’s Skynode and AI Node with Spleenlab’s VISIONAIRY Perception Software—to deliver the best possible autonomous solutions for enterprise drone users.”

Spleenlab’s VISIONAIRY AI, built to be safe from ground, together with Auterion’s AI Node, which is equipped with the world’s smallest AI supercomputer for embedded and edge systems, transforms Skynode itself into a supercomputer. The combination runs AI right at the edge onboard any drone. Software running on the Auterion ecosystem enables autonomous inspection of critical infrastructure—empowering enterprise users to scale beyond single-pilot, single-drone operations. 

“We’re excited to collaborate with Auterion to take this next step into an autonomous future,” says Stefan Milz, Founder at Spleenlab. “Advanced ML algorithms are computation-heavy and require appropriate horsepower to be deployed onboard mobile robots. With Auterion’s Skynode and AI Node, the VISIONAIRY AI software can easily be deployed and run onboard drones on a high safety level.” 

When Spleenlab’s VISIONAIRY® software and ML algorithm are installed on Auterion’s AI Node, the combined technologies enable drones to: 

  • Automate inspections;
  • Avoid collisions;
  • Detect and track objects for automated flight manoeuvres;
  • Detect obstacles in the air or on the ground;
  • Estimate air and ground risk.

Enterprise drones are able to understand their environment and predict safe landing spots in real time for package delivery, emergencies, and other situations. Risk estimation also includes detecting cooperative and non-cooperative air traffic, with up to 360 degree field of view and several kilometers range. The unique, combined capabilities move industries toward fully realized beyond-visual-line-of-sight (BVLOS) autonomous flight.

Learn more about the VISIONAIRY® integration with AI Node here.

About Spleenlab GmbH

Spleenlab GmbH is a highly specialized AI software company founded with the Idea to redefine Safety and AI. Since April 2018, the company has been primarily engaged in the development and distribution of safe Machine Learning algorithms for semi- and fully autonomous mobility, especially the flight of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), helicopters, Air Taxis, driving vehicles and beyond. The groundbreaking fusion of different sensors, such as cameras, lasers and radars by means of Machine Learning is the core business of the company. The generated SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) enables completely new applications and products for any kind of autonomous mobility. The company is based in Jena (Saalburg), Germany. 

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About Auterion

Auterion is building the world’s leading autonomous mobility platform for enterprise and government users to better capture data, carry out high-risk work remotely, and deliver goods with drones. Auterion’s open source based platform was nominated by the U.S. government as the standard for its future drone program. With 70+ employees across offices in California, Switzerland, and Germany, Auterion’s global customer base includes GE Aviation, Quantum-Systems, Freefly Systems, Avy, Watts Innovations, and the U.S. government.

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