Careers at Auterion

Enable a world of autonomous mobility

We are building the autonomous mobility platform for enterprise users and drone manufacturers, while transforming the future of connected drones, the open source way. 

What it’s like to work at Auterion?


Meet Auterion Software Engineer, Martina Rivizzigno and learn more about her role at Auterion and what excites her the most about being part of the team.


Life at Auterion

From software engineering to marketing, product design or sales support, everyone at Auterion has an equally important role to play.


Whether focused on computer vision, flight control, QA, infrastructure, data, management or platform components, you’ll work with customers and a global developer community to integrate the latest technologies and build the world’s safest drone software stack.


Help drive our product roadmap and contribute to making Auterion the preferred enterprise drone software provider. Work on product launches and leverage synergies between our strategic partnerships, customers and open-source community.

Sales and Marketing

Help our customers implement the best technologies to build their businesses and solve their problems, forge lasting relationships, share the Auterion story, create marketing strategies, shape our brand and make sure our content is always fresh, dynamic and relevant.

Customer Success

We service a growing international market with employees and office locations across the world. Our products and services are made for people, and while every position at Auterion involves helping people, no one does it better than our customer support specialists. 


From finance to HR and administration, our operations team are the engines of our business. Help us boost customer satisfaction, efficiency and growth by monitoring financial operations, recruiting the people who help us shine, or supporting our data, systems and sales.


Who are we? 


By leveraging open source technologies, we lead our growing industry forward and empower the open source community along the way. Here’s how we work together to get there.

We’re problem-solvers

We create real-world solutions by fully understanding the problem, taking a data-driven approach to decision-making, and challenging each other to reach higher.

We speak up

We speak our minds at the right time, when it matters, so we can move forward together with efficiency. Everyone’s ideas are listened to and challenges are welcome at all levels.

We iterate fast

We share new ideas and test small-scale solutions early, to identify risks, gather feedback and check if we’re moving in the right direction.

We get it done

We take responsibility. We’re honest and don’t make promises we can’t keep. We ask for help when we need it and learn from our mistakes.

We’re one team

We put the big picture first and make time to help our co-workers. We celebrate diversity and multiple points of view. We encourage everyone to bring their full selves to work.


Why join Auterion?

With offices in California and Switzerland, we offer a competitive salary, equity incentives, generous vacation, retirement and healthcare plans, flexible working, continuous development to widen your horizons, endless opportunities to hang out and have fun with a vibrant team, plus the chance to fly a lot of drones.

In the US, we offer a 401(k) retirement plan with company matching and contributions to healthcare including medical, dental and vision.

Open positions

Find a job that ignites your passion

We are always looking for new talents

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