Kraken and Auterion Formalize Partnership to Boost Autonomous Capabilities in Security Boat Sector

March 28, 2024

LONDON, UK and ARLINGTON, VA—March 28, 2024Kraken Technology Group, a maritime technology leader specializing in the disruptive design and manufacturing of high-performance platforms, and Auterion, the company building the software-defined future for mobile robotics and powering the world’s leading drone manufacturers – have announced a strategic partnership to exponentially develop autonomous capabilities in the high-performance littoral security boat sector.

The partnership is focused on the development and implementation of modular, low-cost autonomy software and UxV systems for the maritime domain. The agreement will initially focus on integrated autonomy architecture for Kraken’s K3 SCOUT and K4 MANTA uncrewed platforms.

Auterion’s Skynode X, AuterionOS and numerous capability ‘Apps’ have already been developed and integrated into Kraken’s K3 SCOUT USV, which is currently undergoing open-water sea trials. AuterionOS’ open software architecture unlocks the ability to create new apps as needed, continuously expanding Kraken’s ability to serve the wide variety of use cases necessary in maritime domains. 

Mal Crease, founder and CEO of Kraken Technology Group, said, “Collaborating with Auterion on the rapid development of the K3 SCOUT USV has opened our eyes to the size and scale of the technical transformation underway and has already delivered unique capabilities in record time. We very much look forward to an exciting future transforming littoral maneuver with Auterion.”

“We are thrilled to be able to extend our expertise into the maritime domain alongside like-minded pioneers and littoral platform experts, like Kraken. The work done and the progress achieved to date on the development of K3’s uncrewed capability has been impressive and visionary,” said Lorenz Meier, CEO of Auterion.


  • Kraken Technology Group is a UK company founded in 2021 and structured around decades of cross-sector expertise and pioneering experience in the marine industry.
  • High-performance offshore racing heritage is embedded in the company DNA and underpins both a disruptive and pioneering approach to maritime design and manufacturing.
  • KTG’s core management team come from a diverse range of marine, offshore racing, automotive and security backgrounds.
  • K3 SCOUT is a low-cost, low-signature, high-performance autonomous USV for use in commercial, humanitarian or military applications. Developed with a 600kg modular payload bay, K3 SCOUT can be purposed or rerolled for logistics, search and rescue, survey, ISR, strike or kinetic capabilities. With a twin-stepped hull for exceptional seakeeping and efficiency, high-performance diesel powertrain for range and
  • speed, and fully integrated onboard systems for reliable uncrewed capability and delivery of mission profiles, K3 SCOUT offers true versatility no matter the application.
  • K4 MANTA is a unique, innovative, scalable, low-signature, all-electric foiling USSV platform capable of rapid uncrewed surface transit of sensor or strike payloads over large distances, before submerging for covert infiltration, persistent recce or loitering roles. K4 MANTA variants are being developed in a range of sizes from the 8ft kinetic platform to the highly versatile 36ft and 54ft multi-purpose versions capable of substantial modular payload carriage.

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