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The trusted software platform that powers your fleet of drones.

Auterion is pioneering software platforms that make autonomous systems trusted, reliable, and connected to enterprise workflows. With Auterion Enterprise PX4 we revolutionize how drone fleets operate, gather data, and collaborate in the era of connectivity.

The operating system for enterprise drones

Drones powered by Auterion are software defined. Our open software platform makes drones safe, reliable, and connected. It’s the same platform, from camera to cloud. No matter the use case or the vehicle type.

Auterion Enterprise PX4
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Who is our product for

Drone Manufacturers

We help drone manufacturers to focus on their core differentiation and save time and resources when bringing new products to market.

Drone Operators and Pilots

Our tools enable drone service providers fly with confidence, visualize performance, and automate software updates.  Our platform is designed to be cyber secure and trusted for government use.


We connect businesses to the Open Source community and help developers integrate and distribute their applications to a the ecosystem.

Auterion lineup

Auterion is the operating system that powers a growing range of UAVs and autonomous systems. This enables operators to have access to a wide range of compatible vehicles for multiple use cases.

Long endurance quad

Heavy-duty multicopter

Portable quad



Ground rover

The vehicles

Complete solutions for every business

Drones powered by Auterion are built for multiple use cases and are connected to the same ground station app, SDK, and APIs making integrations scalable. Multiple compatible sensors and cameras scale use cases even further.

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