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The trusted software platform that powers the commercial drone industry

Auterion is pioneering software platforms that make autonomous systems trusted, reliable, and connected to enterprise workflows. Auterion Enterprise PX4 will revolutionize how drone fleets operate, gather data, and collaborate in the era of connectivity.

The operating system for enterprise drones

We provide access to a global ecosystem

Because we help make PX4, we are able to offer the best tools and services to help you bring products to market and operate drones at scale.

Drone Manufacturers

We help drone manufacturers to focus on their core differentiation and save time and resources when bringing new products to market.

Drone Service Providers

Our tools enable drone service providers fly with confidence, visualize performance, and automate software updates.  Our platform is designed to be cyber secure and trusted for government use.

Developer Community

We connect businesses to the Open Source community and help developers integrate and distribute their applications to a the ecosystem.

Auterion and Open Source

We believe in the power of open source to build better software, align on common standards, and democratize the industry. Auterion could not exist without a global community of over 6000 developers and contributors that believe in transparency of code and knowledge sharing.

We are committed to creating open source software, refining it, and certifying it for reliability. We contribute our improvements upstream to the community and bring them to businesses.

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Auterion News

Drone Workflows in 2019

Real-time work tools have transformed how enterprises get things done - at Auterion we believe that drone workflows for drone operators make drones safer and more reliable.

Contribution Rankings to PX4

In 2018 Auterion was responsible for at least one-third of the total contributions to the PX4 ecosystem. Have a read at the technology improvements that Auterion brought to the community.

PX4 Roadmap 2019 Webinar

PX4 is becoming an industry standard, adopted by most of the players in the drone industry. The key maintainers of the community presented the 2019 roadmap of the largest open source drone community.

Trusted by leaders in the industry