One operating system for  many drones

Operate drones from different manufacturers, for different workflows, with the same user experience.

Automated workflows

It’s not about manually
flying drones

Commercial drone applications such as mapping a construction site or inspecting a powerline, are about capturing data. Today the entire process of flying a drone, collecting, transferring and analyzing data is very manual.

It’s about automatically
transferring data

Auterion enables automated workflows for many different drones and use cases, bringing data in real-time from the field to your office. As a result you improve your efficiency, save time and mitigate risk.

Auterion software

To enable automated workflows, Auterion unifies software connecting the user, the drone and the cloud.

The user

Planning autonomous missions

Every workflow starts with mission planning. Auterion Mission Control allows for the same easy and intuitive mission planning for any use case and can be done on various devices in your office or in the field.

  • Easy and intuitive experience
  • Same process for any use case
  • Plan on a laptop, tablet, or ground controller


The drone

Relying on safe execution

Auterion OS runs onboard the drone to execute missions safely and transfer data in realtime to the user and the cloud. To further improve the user experience, Auterion OS allows the installation of apps, enabling features like collision avoidance, object detection or safe landing.

  • Cloud connectivity
  • Onboard apps
  • Advanced automation


The cloud

Transferring data automatically

With every mission, data is automatically transferred into the cloud-based Auterion Suite to provide realtime information captured by the drone, including flight logging reports for compliance. In addition Auterion Suite enables scalable fleet management including vehicle health status, predictive maintenance and over the air software updates.

  • Realtime data transmission
  • Centralized data repository
  • Compliance reports
  • Scalable fleet management


Auterion ecosystem

 Auterion connects drone and camera manufacturers as well as app developers, for the largest selection of workflow solutions

The right drone for every use case

Various use cases require different drone capabilities. To provide you with the necessary choice to build your fleet, Auterion partners with many different drone manufacturers to create the largest available ecosystem of drones.

The right camera for every mission

Various missions require different camera capabilities, such as zoom, high resolution, or thermal imagery. Auterion enables drone manufactures to easily integrate many different cameras into their drones.

Open source wins

When it comes to drone systems Open beats closed

Our open ecosystem brings together the best from the drone industry to provide customers with greater flexibility and extensibility.

Auterion story

On a mission for more than 12 years

Our story began with Pixhawk in 2008 and today, our platform powers the drones of some of the industry leaders.

You are in good company

Customer testimonials

Trusted by the best

in the industry

You offer functionality we tried to do ourselves, but would need a team of 100 software engineers to pull it off. And that is where I believe the benefit of working with Auterion is because we can both play to each other’s strengths.

Bobby Watts
CEO, Watts Innovations

We are proud to partner with Auterion to bring some of the best technology developed in the US to our clients in the utilities and critical infrastructure industries. The open source ecosystem is helping to drive a better footprint within the marketplace and a better level of compatibility for US made products.

Brandon Del Priore
CTO, C2 Group

Auterion’s open standards leadership and cooperative legacy with the developer community is foundational to a scalable and sustainable solution critical for commercial drones.

Alan Caslavka
President of Avionic Systems, GE Aviation

The relationship with Auterion is key in being able to offer high quality, secure, drone software to our US customers that are looking to take advantage of our drone-based imagery collection platform.

Richard Cooke
Director, Global Remote Sensing and Imagery, ESRI

Working with Auterion is great, because we got the best software team in the industry over night.
Skynode allowed us to build a fully integrated system and we could focus on building the best product.

Tabb Firchau
President, Freefly Systems

Partnering with Auterion enabled us to bring realtime 5G connections and AI into our product, which is a key part of enabling full advanced solutions and AI partners like Hellsicht.

Florian Seibel
Co-Founder and CEO, Quantum Systems

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Together with Spleenlab, we’re demonstrating that the future of robotics is now with our combined AI, machine learning and onboard edge technologies

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