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We build the open source infrastructure for autonomous robots.

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Open, Reliable, Trusted Operating System for Drones

Auterion is the software platform designed to power the drone industry. We build the tested, certified, and long-term supported distribution of PX4 for the safe operation of autonomous robots. At the core of what we do is PX4, the most widely distributed open source flight software with permissive licence that powers any type of autonomous robot. We believe the best way to fuel innovators is to give them the technology they need.

What We Do

Our product

We Provide Access to a Global Ecosystem

Because we help make PX4, we are able to offer the best tools and services to help you bring products to market and operate drones at scale.

  • Drone Manufacturers

We help drone manufacturers to focus on their core differentiation and save time and resources when bringing new products to market, fast!

  • Companies Operating Drones

Drones powered by Auterion enable companies operating drones to fly with confidence, visualize performance, and keep their data safe.  Our platform is designed to be cyber secure and trusted for government use.

  • Developer Community

We connect businesses to the Open Source community and help developers integrate with and distribute their applications to a whole ecosystem.

The Drone Industry is Maturing

Commercial drone adoption is growing significantly, and with growth comes change. Businesses have to continuously adapt their business model to keep up with advancing needs from the industry. Today, in any robotic system, nothing is more important than the ability to perceive, communicate, and navigate the world around it safely.

All players in the ecosystem are looking for solutions that bring reliability and increase speed to market, while also reducing risks and allowing safe flights in line with new regulations. Auterion is redefining the industry, bringing global standards and the common infrastructure required. We have your back.

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