Auterion Mission Control

Control any autonomous robot with one app

Auterion Mission Control is the app to plan and execute autonomous missions for any Auterion-powered vehicle. 

What Mission Control can do?

With simple controls and intuitive views, Auterion Mission Control allows the same mission planning and execution experience for any use case and on various devices, in your office or in the field.

Standardize your operations and reduce training time and resources, scale up your missions easily and save execution time by planning from remote locations.

With Auterion you can maximize the results of your mission thanks to the tight integration with flight control software and the control of the camera and gimbal. Immediately validate collected data through live video and instant image download.

Feature overview

Simple and confident planning

Eliminate unnecessary risks with terrain visualization. Save time with pre-set surveying areas, scanning corridors and structure scan, or set waypoint missions

Live view and camera control

Ensure the best results with live video view, adapt camera settings, and verify results immediately in the picture gallery

Safety and peace of mind

Create confidence with a geofence around your flight area, rally points to define safe landing locations, and VTOL flight path prediction

Use-case specific flight behavior

Get the best results for your purpose with automated maneuvers like orbit, figure 8, point of interest or structure scans

Efficient execution

Load pre-planned missions and launch in a few clicks. Automatic pre-flight checks, terrain collision checks and VTOL transition areas make sure you don’t compromise on safety

Skynode X

The easiest way to power any drone with AuterionOS

Skynode X is the fastest way to power drones with the Auterion software platform. An all-in-one integrated autopilot and mission computer to enable autonomous flights, mission planning, live video streams, an operations dashboard, flight analytics and cloud-based predictive maintenance.

A fully integrated autopilot and mission computer that enables any drone with the Auterion software platform.

Enabling a unified workforce of autonomous robots with the world’s leading operating system for autonomous computing

Auterion Suite

Visualize data transferred automatically to the cloud, process information captured during a mission in real time, including flight logs. Benefit from a holistic and scalable fleet management.

Solutions built for your industry

Auterion Mission Control is powering robotics fleets across industry


Energy / Utility

Taking care of critical infrastructure


Inspect with live video and data



Automation and innovation in the field

Public Safety

Command public safety operations from the air


Deliver anywhere autonomously



Build fast and safe, anywhere


Trusted, reliable, and flexible

Energy / Oil & Gas

Refine Workflows in the Oil & Gas Industry

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