Gremsy Releases Deeply Integrated Gimbal Line Up for Auterion Powered Drone Platforms

April 8, 2022

Plug-and-play integration of Gremsy innovative gimbal system on the Auterion software platform to offer the best-in-class integrated solution for enterprises

We are pleased to announce that we have partnered with Gremsy, a leading manufacturer of camera gimbal stabilizers for drones, to bring to market a deeply integrated gimbal solution for Auterion powered and MAVLink compatible drone platforms. The new introductory lineup, Gremsy PE, allows end users to deploy the capabilities of open drone ecosystems with a choice of various camera payloads.

Gremsy PE is now available in two models: T3 PE and Pixy PE, custom-built on the popular line of Gremsy gimbals (T3 and Pixy U); the lineup supports a wide range of specialized cameras in the market, following Gremsy’s high standard of compatibility. The new lineup design adheres to the Pixhawk Payload Bus and, therefore, is purely standardized in mechanical and electrical connection. Notably, Gremsy PE comes equipped with a sliding dovetail quick release that eases your system setup and configuration, and is ready to plug and play with Auterion powered and other MAVlink based platforms, including Cube and Pixhawk.

The collaboration between Auterion and Gremsy is a significant step to incorporate the Gremsy gimbal functionality into the Auterion Open Ecosystem through its tight integration with Auterion Skynode, the advanced avionics module enabling the Auterion software platform that uses Pixhawk open standards. With the PE gimbal connected to Auterion powered drones, customers can leverage the full feature set of Auterion’s Open Drone Ecosystem and Gremsy’s versatile gimbal platforms to access control and settings of the payloads and gimbal—enabling optimum support in mapping and inspection, along with a multitude of other industrial applications.     

Gremsy PE currently supports payload control of Sony A7RIV and Wiris series cameras and a variety of other payloads powered by Auterion. In addition, the PE gimbals allow customers to develop products or applications related to gimbal control (tracking, inspection, mapping) by MAVSDK, MAVLink Gimbal Protocol V2 and gSDK.

About Gremsy

Gremsy is a leading global manufacturer of quality, cutting-edge camera stabilizers used by mappers, surveyors, inspectors, drone service providers, industry experts, and even professional filmmakers. Gremsy gimbals are designed to be highly adaptable for integration with various drones and cameras, providing steady footage and efficient solutions for a multitude of industrial applications. Gremsy also provides customized gimbal solutions tailored to customer’s needs. 

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About Auterion

Auterion is building the world’s leading autonomous mobility platform for enterprise and government users to better capture data, carry out high-risk work remotely, and deliver goods with drones. Auterion’s open-source based platform was nominated by the U.S. government as the standard for its future drone program. With 70+ employees across offices in California, Switzerland, and Germany, Auterion’s global customer base includes GE Aviation, Quantum-Systems, Freefly Systems, Avy, Watts Innovations, and the U.S. government.

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