Auterion and C2 Group partner to drive US made drone adoption

February 18, 2021

C2 Group and Auterion partnership

Auterion is pleased to announce a partnership with C2 Group, a full-service program, project, and construction management firm, to power the use of drones for inspection, mapping and emergency/disaster response across the utilities and critical infrastructure industries.

The collaboration has been formed after C2 Group conducted extensive testing of the Vantage Robotics Vesper drone powered by Auterion to inspect power lines at its UAS testing ground and assess viability within the utilities space.

From a utilities industry standpoint, Auterion and C2 Group have seen a shift underway to move away from drones that are manufactured overseas to focus on the adoption of US made products such as the Vesper, which is a Blue sUAS certified product used by the US military.

The Vesper offers a number of features the utilities industry can take advantage of including high quality sensors and thermal capabilities, while its stability and lightweight design mean it is rapidly deployable.

Utilizing the data security, quality and flexibility enabled by Auterion across multiple UAS manufacturers means C2 Group pilots can be trained on one flight platform but fly any drone associated with it; reducing the training time and increasing overall productivity. Further productivity measures are achieved with Auterion’s Suite used to identify pilot efficiencies and our Simulator to augment pilot training. At the same time C2, with its industry knowledge having worked with multiple major utilities in the US, is providing insight that is helping to shape Auterion’s roadmap for new sensors and airframes into the future.

Brandon Del Priore, CTO at C2 Group, said: “We are proud to partner with Auterion to bring some of the best technology developed in the US to our clients in the utilities and critical infrastructure industries. When safety, data security, and data quality matter most, C2 Group will be there to offer customers the same US-made hardware and software used by the DoD’s Defense Innovation Unit and the US military. The open source ecosystem is helping to drive a better footprint within the marketplace and a better level of compatibility for US made products.”

Cynthia Huang, VP Enterprise Business Development at Auterion, said: “With DJI added to the entity list, we’re seeing enterprise drone operators accelerate their search for alternatives. Auterion’s open source software ecosystem provides more options, more solutions, and faster development timelines to the needs being identified today and companies are embracing the power of our approach. We are excited to partner with C2 Group to bring US made solutions and the advantages of open source to their customers.”

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C2 Group is a full-service project delivery and Modern Program Management Company with roots in Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, and Structural Engineering. C2 Group provides professional engineering services, UAS inspection & mapping services, staff augmentation & consulting, and program management services to utilities, municipalities, federal agencies, and private clients across the US. Their utility inspectors and flight teams specialize in critical infrastructure inspection, disaster recovery, and fire risk mitigation. Learn more at