Creating a camera ecosystem that gives enterprise and operators choice and flexibility

September 16, 2020

At Auterion we care about providing both enterprise and government with an ecosystem of software-defined drones, payloads, and third party applications within a single easy to use platform based on open-source standards. 

Our software platform allows enterprise and operators to run drone fleets that are connected in real-time to the back office to streamline and automate their workflows. On a single platform they can manage a variety of airframes, payloads, and third party applications to meet multiple use cases without needing to run multiple systems. 

In a move to extend our camera ecosystem to give greater choice and flexibility to the end user, we are driving common standards for payload connection through the Pixhawk Payload Bus standard and integrate new payloads directly into the Auterion software platform.

As part of this effort we are the first company to integrate with Sony A7R4 using common payload integration standards. The integration between the Auterion software platform and the Sony A7R4 includes access to camera parameters, live video stream, data on the SD card, and geotagging. 

Our camera manager provides users an unprecedented way to access and manage cameras on drones. With a consistent UI for any type of cameras, combined with full control of all camera settings and parameters users get access to more of the camera’s functionality directly in Auterion Mission Control. By providing access to the SD card from the ground station or over Cloud APIs to transfer data to the cloud, and also streaming live video for remote operations over LTE, users now have access to powerful functionality to automate their operations. 

“We’re excited about Auterion’s utilization of our new SDK to integrate Sony’s Alpha cameras into their platform.  This allows professionals to experience the leading image quality of products like the Alpha 7R IV, opening up a new world of commercial application possibilities.”   Neal Manowitz, Deputy President of Imaging Products and Solutions Americas, Sony Electronics

Other cameras that we have also integrated with and which are available within our platform are the Workswell Wiris Pro, Workswell Wiris Security, Trillium HD40, and Nextvision (e.g. Colibri 2). 

Auterion’s camera manager provides access for end users to manage the camera settings and functions through Auterion Mission Control. Third party developers can also access the settings and functions via the Auterion SDK. 

Auterion’s Mission Control, an app that allows users to control multiple drones from either a laptop, tablet, or ground controller, becomes the center of operations for managing the Sony A7R4 and other payloads. This includes dual video streams of EO/IR video frames.

All vehicles based on Skynode and connected to the Auterion ecosystem will have access to the integration with the Sony A7R4.