Auterion Moves Corporate Headquarters to Arlington, Virginia

May 15, 2024

Move prioritizes the increased demand for autonomous systems from commercial enterprises and federal agencies

Arlington, Virginia — May 16, 2024 — Auterion, the company building the software-defined future and computing platform for drones and autonomous systems, announced today the completion of the relocation of its corporate headquarters from Moorpark, California to Arlington, Virginia. With the Department of Defense investing heavily in autonomous systems, the strategic move brings Auterion closer to its public sector and private industry customers and positions the company to provide enhanced support to drone manufacturers.

The strategic decision to move to Arlington reflects Auterion’s commitment to serving its established enterprise and government and defense customers and the importance of building and strengthening those relationships. With the DoD investing billions in unmanned systems, Auterion recognizes the increasing demand and the critical role these systems play in national security.

“Auterion is at a point in our growth where the move to Arlington reflects our role in meeting the evolving needs of our growing customer base,” said Lorenz Meier, CEO of Auterion. “Being physically closer to our customers allows us to provide more responsive support and collaborate more effectively.”

Arlington’s proximity to Washington, D.C. positions Auterion at the epicenter of defense innovation and policy, further strengthening its partnerships and impact in shaping the evolution of the industry.

This relocation marks a pivotal moment for Auterion as it aligns with market demand signals and prepares for future growth opportunities.

Auterion is a cutting-edge operating system for autonomous drones (air, land and sea) that empowers a diverse range of autonomous robots to perform high-risk to mundane tasks, deliver goods, and aid in life-saving missions. Our industry-leading software drives the adoption of robotic fleets for a variety of commercial and public sector industries.

Joyce Bosc,

Carrie Lake,