Auterion Suite

Manage your robotics program from one place

Auterion Suite is where the data of your fleet is automatically collected, analyzed and presented in real time.

What Auterion Suite can do?

With every mission, data is automatically transferred into the cloud-based Auterion Suite to provide real-time information captured by the robot while it’s still operating, without any manual intervention.

All flight logs are automatically uploaded for every vehicle and every pilot, and log data are analyzed and available to download as compliance reports.

Auterion Suite enables holistic and scalable fleet management by providing updated information on the vehicle health status, predictive maintenance actions and over-the-air software updates.

Suite overview


Real-time data for quick decision making

Robots send operational data and live video automatically to the Suite, while they are still in the air, without even pushing a button


Holistic and scalable fleet management

Manage your complete enterprise robotics program consisting of drones, ground robots, assets, operators and missions


Data and automated workflows

Enable end-to-end automated workflow, from the vehicle operating in the field, over the air to the cloud and into third-party applications to process the captured data


Analysis and predictive maintenance

The platform handles software updates, tracks every vehicle for predictive maintenance and monitors components to flag when you need a replacement

Key features

Asset management

Keep track of payloads, parts and other peripherals, see asset usage per flight, lifecycle state and proactive measures

Fleet management

Monitor vehicles overview and status, manage software and apps deployment, and log notes to facilitate transparency and collaboration


Directly access support and send logs to the manufacturer


Remote missions, real-time video feed and telemetry data, flight logs and details, picture gallery

Flight analytics

Thorough status check, proactive notifications, detailed log analysis, easily download flight logs and export data for compliance


API access for third-party and custom integrations

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Auterion Suite automates your robotics fleet operations to benefit operators, team leads, program managers and subject matter experts



Reduce manual work thanks to the automatic upload of flight data to the cloud in near real time



Share remote operations dashboard with live view of multiple drones and enable quick decision making



Reduce training efforts and speed up your operations with standardized UX



Download compliance reports with per pilot or per vehicle data and GUTMA flight logging from the cloud



Always ensure safe deployment with fleet health monitoring and predictive maintenance

Skynode X

The easiest way to power any drone with Auterion

Skynode X is the fastest way to power drones with the Auterion software platform. An all-in-one integrated autopilot and mission computer to enable autonomous flights, mission planning, live video streams, an operations dashboard, flight analytics and cloud-based predictive maintenance.

A fully integrated autopilot and mission computer that enables any drone with the Auterion software platform.

Enabling a unified workforce of autonomous robots with the world’s leading operating system for autonomous computing


Experience the power of a vendor-independent operating system that runs onboard a fleet of connected autonomous robots. Built-in app deployment allows advanced automation and enhanced user experience.

Auterion SDK

Auterion Mission Control

Use one app to control every Auterion-powered vehicle, for any use case, from anywhere. Always with the same easy and intuitive mission planning and execution experience.

Solutions built for your industry

Auterion Suite is powering robotics fleets across industry


Deliver anywhere autonomously

Energy / Utility

Taking care of critical infrastructure

Public Safety

Command public safety operations from the air


Automation and innovation in the field


Trusted, reliable, and flexible


Inspect with live video and data

Energy / Oil & Gas

Refine Workflows in the Oil & Gas Industry


Build fast and safe, anywhere

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