Auterion is bringing drones online to help save lives

October 12, 2021

We are enabling first responders to rapidly assess and respond to life threatening incidents from a safe distance with drones that are online and feeding real-time data back to command stations. 

We demonstrated our live video dashboards which enable a remote real-time view of drones in operation at the 2021 Unmanned Tactical Application Conference in Perry, Georgia. UTAC is a week-long, fully-immersive conference where world renowned police and fire departments from across the United States experience the latest in drone technology in real-time unmanned systems response in disaster or emergency operations. 

“It is a great benefit in responding to potentially life threatening situations. We are able to rapidly deploy drones to identify threats and mitigate risks while constantly providing situational awareness to officers involved at a safe distance,” says Deputy Rose Lopez of the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office, “This technology gives us access to information we would normally not have available which helps us make safer, better decisions.”

Fire departments also see huge benefit for drones connected online, “The ability for fire departments to get eyes on an incident before sending crews to the scene is going to significantly improve efficiency,” says Romeo Durscher, VP of Public Safety at Auterion, “With a strain on resources, the difference to responding to a pan burning or an entire house fire is a big deal. With a drone first to the scene, sending live video back to the department, firefighters can deploy the right resources to that particular call out, without going in blind.” 

Our online first approach is streamlining drone operations across other industries as well and will benefit other use cases such as infrastructure inspections, sharing the video feed with remote experts; and security, providing situational awareness of an event or location. Customers can share the live drone feed with all their stakeholders simultaneously. 

“We’re enabling the integration of data, real-time video and thermal imagery into existing workflows for critical operations with drones, while automating flight operations and compliance, for quicker decisions without requiring subject matter experts to be in the field,” says Arnaud Thiercelin, Head of Enterprise Product at Auterion, “Getting real-time data on any particular device is changing how drones can be used in industry and public safety, moving critical operations from the field to the back office.”

Learn more about shareable live video dashboards: