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Auterion’s software platform transforms how you collect data, deliver goods, and save lives with drones

Drones have been adopted to improve how operators inspect critical infrastructure, survey land, and protect citizens. But the current options are limiting. They don’t connect well into business systems, lock users in, which limits choice and flexibility.

Auterion changes this. We provide an ecosystem of connected drones, payloads, and apps within a single easy to use platform based on open-source standards. We’re bringing together an entire industry to make it better for the customer.


We’ve been leaders in an open source movement for more than a decade

In 2011 our co-founder Lorenz Meier created PX4, the world’s most widely used open-source flight controller for drones and other unmanned vehicles. Today, it is the core of what we do at Auterion. 

Standards and ethics

We believe in open source, common standards, and strong ethics  

We drive common standards that scale the drone industry

Auterion will not develop weaponized technologies

Our leadership team

Lorenz Meier


Errol Farr

President Auterion Government Solutions

Romeo Durscher

Senior Vice President of Strategy

Linda Breu

Chief of Staff

Markus Achtelik

Vice President of Engineering

Our investors

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Auterion was founded to drive open source forward in the drone industry

Lorenz co-founded Auterion in 2017 with Kevin Sartori to make his vision for PX4 sustainable and scalable in the long term, by creating a company committed to maintaining the open source ecosystem and distribution model; and which supports other companies to use it in their products and services.



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Be part of a team of sharp minds who get things done. Help us transform large-scale drone operations and drive our industry forward with your ideas, energy and commitment.

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