We are Auterion

Auterion provides enterprise with an ecosystem of software-defined drones, payloads, and apps within a single easy to use platform based on open-source standards.


On the same mission for over a decade

We’re leaders in an open source movement bigger than ourselves that works together to meet the needs of enterprises, government, and drone manufacturers. We believe in openness, partnership, engineering excellence, and empowering the drone industry.

We’ve been on the same mission for over a decade. Our story began with Pixhawk in 2008 and the revolutionary PX4 software created by our co-founder Lorenz Meier, now the most widely used open-source drone autopilot operating system. In 2019 we contributed over half of the 1.4 million lines of code added to PX4.

With offices in California and R&D in Switzerland, we’ve raised $25M in venture-backed funding. Today, our software platform powers the drones of some of the leaders in the industry, including General Electric (GE) Aviation, Quantum Systems, Freefly Systems, Avy, and the U.S. Department of Defense.

  • 2020

    Auterion Skynode

    Auterion launches Skynode, the integrated drone avionics to enable smart and connected drones for the enterprise and government markets

  • 2019

    Powered by Auterion

    The Auterion platform powers a diverse range of vehicles including multirotor, fixed-wing and VTOL aircraft, as well as ground vehicles.

  • 2018

    First Auterion distribution

    Auterion launches the first version of its operating system for drones, Auterion Enterprise PX4.

  • 2017

    Auterion founded

    Auterion, the company that builds the leading open-source operating system for drones, is founded by Lorenz Meier and Kevin Sartori.

  • 2016

    Dronecode part of Linux Foundation

    PX4, QGC and MAVLink become part of the Linux Foundation as the Dronecode project.

  • 2014

    Ready-to-fly products arrive

    The first ready-to-fly products enter the global market.

  • 2013

    Pixhawk Kits launched

    The first Pixhawk Autopilot Kits are created and globally distributed.

  • 2011

    PX4 is born

    Lorenz Meier creates PX4, now the most widely used open source autopilot operating system for drones. 

  • 2010

    Global adoption of open source code

    Most academic projects worldwide start adopting the open source code developed in the ETH labs.

  • 2008

    MAVLink and QGC Start

    MAVLink, the protocol for communicating with small unmanned vehicles,  and QGround Control, the flight controller and mission planner projects, begin at ETH.

  • 2009

    The start of the Pixhawk project

    Pixhawk, the standard and independent open-hardware autopilot project, was born at ETH Zurich under the leadership of Auterion’s Co-Founder, Lorenz Meier.


We accelerate the drone industry

Our goal is to be the drone software platform of choice for enterprises and drone manufacturers, while accelerating the industry by driving forward open standards to create a common, future-proof roadmap. This gives everyone involved, whether vendors or buyers, confidence that they will achieve a return on their investment, and access to a wide choice of partners and integrations in an open ecosystem.

We create all our software and hardware using open source technologies like PX4 and open standards like MAVLink and Pixhawk. Today, we are the largest contributor to PX4 and the Auterion software platform powers consumer, commercial, and industrial drones of every type, from multicopters to VTOLs.


Auterion’s work is guided by a clear code of ethics

Autonomous technology and drones can be used for a wide set of use cases across enterprise and government applications. With this, there are certain applications and relationships that Auterion will not pursue.


We believe in open source and common standards 

Common standards for a scalable industry

We work closely with the global industry and standardization bodies to establish common standards that make drone components and products easier for everyone to produce, integrate, and maintain. 

We are the largest contributor to PX4

In 2011 our co-founder Lorenz Meier created PX4, the world’s most widely used open-source flight controller for drones and other unmanned vehicles. Today, it is the core of what we do at Auterion. 


Join us to power the future of drones and automation

Be part of a team of sharp minds who get things done. Help us transform large-scale drone operations and drive our industry forward with your ideas, energy and commitment.

Our leadership team

Lorenz Meier


Kevin Sartori


Thomas Goetschmann

Chief Operating Officer

David Sharpin

Vice President and US GM 

Errol Farr

Vice President Of Business Development

Romeo Durscher

Vice President of Public Safety

Cynthia Huang

VP of Enterprise Business Development

Arnaud Thiercelin

Head of Enterprise Product

Thomas Gubler

Head of Engineering

Markus Achtelik

Principal Architect

Sauming Seto

Head of Go To Market

Laurent Zimmerli

Head of Product Marketing

Our investors

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