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Enabling BVLOS missions for the African Drone Forum

The Lake Kivu Challenge event promotes the safe implementation of electric cargo UAV transport using BVLOS missions in the African Continent. Our VTOL partner, Avy, was selected as one of four finalists in the Emergency Delivery competition.

Enabling BVLOS missions for the African Drone Forum2020-02-26T14:08:22+00:00

Auterion leads contributions to PX4

Auterion, with over 51% of contributions is leading the charge in the progress of PX4. Most of our contributions resulted from an ongoing deep collaboration with the community and users of the software.

Auterion leads contributions to PX42020-02-03T08:34:52+00:00

Introducing Auterion 1.2

Auterion 1.2 has a major focus on further improving the safety of flight operations, the capabilities of autonomous missions, present our compatible camera lineup and improve key features for pilots.

Introducing Auterion 1.22019-12-18T15:36:24+00:00

One step forward in autonomous air delivery

With rapid technological advances in vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) capable drones, aerial delivery and cargo transportation within urban areas and remote locations are rapidly becoming a reality.

One step forward in autonomous air delivery2019-11-27T15:32:27+00:00

Enabling navigation with limited or no GPS signal

As part of the next Auterion Enterprise PX4 release, our autonomy team developed an integrated visual information system, as an additional data source, for positioning in limited or no GPS signal environments.

Enabling navigation with limited or no GPS signal2019-11-27T15:33:00+00:00

Auterion and Avy collaborate on BVLOS VTOL

Auterion and Avy teamed up to develop the Avy Aera, an advanced long-endurance VTOL drone, designed specifically for medical delivery, public safety, sustainable logistics, and wildlife conservation operations.

Auterion and Avy collaborate on BVLOS VTOL2019-11-19T17:35:04+00:00
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Smarter autonomous UAV missions

This past month, Auterion’s autonomy team focused on improving one of the core safety features of our flight control software: not colliding into obstacles that are on the flight path, to give pilots more confidence when flying.

Smarter autonomous UAV missions2019-11-11T16:47:35+00:00

Enabling long-range VTOL with GE

Earlier this year, we teamed up with GE Aviation to integrate the Auterion Enterprise PX4 operating system into GE Aviation’s Unmanned Aircraft System avionics platform. Today we are bringing to market the first long-range VTOL in our product portfolio.

Enabling long-range VTOL with GE2019-10-28T14:13:18+00:00

InterDrone 2019 Summary

InterDrone 2019 was a success. Our co-founder Lorenz Meier held a keynote and three software engineers held technical sessions on software development, hardware reference designs, and insights on how automatic flight log analysis can improve the reliability of UAVs.

InterDrone 2019 Summary2019-09-30T14:16:28+00:00

PX4 Developer Summit 2019

On June 20 - 21 2019, the first-ever PX4 Developer Summit took place at ETH Zurich. Over 200 developers flew from all over the world to meet the largest drone community in the world.

PX4 Developer Summit 20192019-08-30T20:29:35+00:00