Multi-Hardware support for AuterionOS 

May 17, 2023

Auterion envisions a future for the drone industry with standardized hardware for computing. Just like Google’s Nexus phones set an example for others to follow, we developed Skynode to lead the way in drone computing hardware, and by partnering with companies like ModalAI, we’ve extended the reach of AuterionOS to other hardware platforms. As the Pixhawk standards gain traction, we anticipate a surge in hardware options which we’ll also support, to collectively achieve what we’ve set out to do: replicate the scale that computing reached. 

We recognize the significance of standardization as a catalyst for unlocking the full potential of the drone industry. Skynode has been meticulously designed as a modular, open-source, and customizable flight controller. By providing a standardized computing platform, Skynode empowers drone manufacturers and operators to seamlessly develop and deploy UAVs with AuterionOS.

Understanding that customers have diverse hardware preferences, Auterion has established integrations with a wide range of vehicle, payload, and component manufacturers to enable customers the power to assemble multi-vehicle fleets based on a common operating system. Our partnership with ModalAI and compatibility with other drone computing hardware is a natural progression that allows Auterion to extend its software platform to an even wider range of systems. 

ModalAI’s VOXL2 is an embedded computer platform designed specifically for drones and other autonomous vehicles. It is built on top of Qualcomm® Flight™ RB5 technology, and includes a variety of sensors for tasks such as autonomous navigation, obstacle avoidance, and real-time computer vision. Our integration allows ModalAI customers to leverage the power of AuterionOS, and the flexibility of the Auterion Ecosystem, without requiring Skynode adoption. 

An important part of this journey is Pixhawk, a set of open-source standards for drone hardware, gaining traction in the industry. Standardization is important for interoperability and scalability and with more companies adopting these standards, we expect to see a lot more computing hardware choice in the near future. 

Auterion is fully committed to supporting multiple hardware platforms which will enable the industry to collectively achieve a greater scale of adoption. We’re proud to be part of the industry’s effort to standardize hardware and software platforms, and are excited about the possibilities it holds for the future of the drone industry.

To learn more about Skynode, click here. To learn more about the VOXL2 platform, which is compatible with AuterionOS, visit the ModalAI website.