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Partner with Auterion

Broaden your company’s expertise, build stronger customer relationships, and access new markets.


Whether you are a software vendor building applications for drones, a payload or component manufacturer, Auterion’s open source approach lays the groundwork to effectively serve your customers—today and beyond. 

Our partners become more competitive and play an integral role in our go-to-market strategy and success. Let’s get started on something great together

Why Partner with Auterion?

Expand your network

Join an active, growing ecosystem of partners and enjoy access to new markets and technologies to grow your business. 

    Prepare for the long term

    A partnership with Auterion means you build on the latest, trustworthy software and platforms. Deploy with confidence that your solutions are future proofed. 

    Join the open movement

    Our platform is built on top of open standards that guarantee wide adoption, buy-in and support from a large ecosystem. 

    Scale your offering

    The integration with the Auterion platform gives your customers access to the right solutions for their business needs. 

      Put your customers first

      Focus on customer needs without worrying about software maintenance or integration.

      Collaborate and go faster

      Auterion’s co branded marketing help you go to market faster, build revenue streams, and stay competitive. 
      “The relationship with Auterion is key in being able to offer high quality, secure, drone software to our US customers that are looking to take advantage of our drone based imagery platform”

      Richard Cooke
      Director, Global Remote Sensing and Imagery

      “Auterion’s open standards leadership and cooperative legacy with the developer community if foundational to a scalable and sustainable solution critical for commercial drones”

      Alan Caslavka
      President of Avionics Systems 

      Partner for solutions, software, and hardware

      Auterion’s partnership program brings together a wide range of companies across disciplines and industry with a singular focus on providing customers with the most comprehensive, and flexible solutions in the market.


      Build on a trusted platform. Certify your software on Auterion Enterprise PX4 or the Auterion Suite and deploy and manage drone workflows seamlessly on a wide range of vehicles.


      Hardware and components

      Integrate on a trusted platform. Integrate, test, and support payloads and sensors on the Auterion platform and bring your business to new vehicles and markets.


      Training and certifications

      The Auterion partner program makes you part of an ecosystem that has a bigger impact. Learn from the leaders in drone industry and leverage a platform built on top of more than a decade of drone development experience.


      Many of the biggest names in drone hardware, software, and services partner with Auterion

      Industry leaders including Freefly, Gremsy, Esri and others have partnered with us and build solutions on top of the Auterion platform. As a result, their customers have the confidence of knowing these software solutions and hardware systems are supported by Auterion when running Auterion software.

      payloads and components
      independent software vendors

      Get in touch and Learn more about how to become an Auterion Partner