Turning Drones into Autonomous Systems

July 26, 2022

Skynode™ is more than a flight controller, it turns drones into connected autonomous systems. Its built-in connectivity enables automatic, real-time data transmission from the drone to the cloud. Being constructed on open standards makes Skynode flexible and extensible, allowing drone manufacturers to leverage compatible software and hardware components from our rich ecosystem.

The best way to explain Skynode is to use smartphones as an analogy. Smartphones aren’t technically phones; they are internet devices that happen to still be able to make phone calls. 

This concept helps us understand what Skynode is. It’s a connected device that also flies drones. That’s where the name comes from, Sky and Node, as in a node in a network that is intended to be online all the time. (Note that it doesn’t have to always be online, but it can be). 

Skynode on a development drone

Why Do Drone Manufacturers Use Skynode?

Skynode is connected to different services that create value for the end users operating it. The Auterion Suite collects data from and about the drone in real-time, analyzes it, and presents it in a way that’s quick and useful, allowing for fast decisions made remotely. And thanks to Auterion’s ecosystem of compatible payloads, everything works out of the box—users can even integrate it with their applications. 

With Skynode, you can:

  • upload data;
  • connect to compliance services, like UTM;
  • enable fleet management that happens in real-time without any manual flight log download;
  • log in as a user;
  • enable authentication and control over your drone operation;
  • extend it with AI Node, third-party solutions, payload integrations, and apps.

This list above might sound very operational, but so are smartphones. On your phone, you have an email client, a browser, photo upload, cloud connection, and together these services bring your day-to-day experience online. That’s what Skynode does, it connects your drone and heightens your experience. The drone industry is no longer just about flying, but being connected and getting the data to where it’s needed right away.

Skynode includes a flight controller and flies drones, but it’s much more than that. It’s an all-in-one solution and is the only component (except for motors, motor controllers and a GPS) that you will ever need on your drone to make it an autonomous system. 

Don’t reinvent the basics. Take the shortcut to focus on innovation: Skynode!

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