The Enterprise Operating System for Drones.


The Enterprise Drone Software Platform

Auterion Insights

Our cloud solutions can be deployed on virtual private or on-premise instances to meet the privacy and cyber-security requirements of the most demanding customers.

Auterion Insights
Software Updates
Deep Learning

Auterion Enterprise Operating System

Hardware Integration

We work with our hardware partners to seamlessly integrate the latest hardware technologies and components into our software platform.


Making Open Source Ready for the Enterprise

The complete open source operating system for the next generation of commercial drones, built on top of PX4. Auterion enables safe, cyber-secure, and compliant operations.

Key CapabilitiesAuterion EnterpriseCommunity
Advanced PX4 Autopilot
Obstacle avoidance
Open and flexible
Access to global ecosystem
Various companion computers
Integrated RTK GPS
Dronecode SDK
Companion computer software
Deep learning analytics
Device and fleet management
Flights statistics dashboard
Compliance processes
Drone to cloud workflows
Remote software updates
Customizable cameras and sensors
Live data and video over LTE
UTM and flight safety
Certified API integrations
Customer success program

Auterion Reference Design

Auterion’s software platform is available on a commercial reference drone. It combines best-in-class, tested integrations to fully experience Auterion’s operating system with all capabilities. The IF750A  is entirely customizable and supports numerous commercial applications.


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