Simple and powerful mission planning and execution

With simple controls and intuitive views, Auterion Mission Control enables drone operators with easy planning and efficient execution of drone missions.

Auterion Mission Control

Standardized and flexible

One app for any Auterion-powered drone

With Auterion Mission Control you can control any drone that is powered by the Auterion software platform, using a hardware ground controller, a tablet or your laptop, over a radio link or via 4G from a remote location.


confidently, with intuitive controls and UI


precisely, with tight integration of Mission Control and the flight control software


in real-time, with live video and instant image download in Mission Control


Discover Mission Control

Learn more about the features and functionalties of Auterion Mission Control in our walkthrough video.


Simple and confident planning

Eliminate unnecessary risk in uneven terrain using the 3D view and visual terrain indicators when planning automated missions like surveys or waypoint missions.

3D view
Terrain visualization
Surveying areas

Safety and peace of mind

Create confidence by putting a geofence around your flight area and adding rally points to define safe landing locations.

For fixed-wing and winged VTOL operations, confidence comes from automatic flight path prediction that prevents unexpected trajectories.

Rally points
 Winged VTOL flight path prediction
Pre-flight checks

Efficient execution

Save time and launch with only a few clicks. Don’t compromise on safety with automatic pre-flight checks and by defining a safe VTOL transition area on-site.

Load preplanned missions
Automatic pre-flight checks
VTOL safe area


Purposeful flight behavior

Get the best results for your purpose with automated maneuvers like orbit, point of interest or structure scans.

Improve the results of LIDAR scans with rounded turns for multicopter survey missions.

Point of interest
Structure scan
Rounded turns

Live view and camera control

Camera Control
Maintain situational awareness with live video view and camera coverage indication on the map.

Ensure high quality imaging results by adapting camera settings from the GUI and verify results immediately in the picture gallery.

Live video
Camera coverage indication
Camera control
Picture gallery

Camera Control

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