Enterprise PX4

Auterion Enterprise PX4 is the on-board drone software platform that enables your drone with the capabilities that enterprise customers demand and lets you focus on your product development without maintaining a complex development environment.

What is Auterion Enterprise PX4

Auterion Enterprise PX4 is a complete on-board software platform for advanced drone operations. It consists of a flight controller based on PX4 as well as an operating system running on the mission computer for advanced on-board functionality. The platform contains an autonomy engine, payload control, video encoder and LTE connectivity. Furthermore it allows you to deploy your own code and install your apps to leverage the mission computer for your own purposes.


  • Deploy your own apps
  • Install third party apps
  • Use MAVSDK in your own code

Advanced autonomy

  • Collision prevention
  • Obstacle avoidance
  • Visual inertial odometry
Payload control

  • Camera and gimbal control
  • Video encoding pipeline


  • Secure link manager
  • Flight log manager
  • Ground station pairing

Maintenance and security

  • Software update manager
  • Smart battery manager
  • Secure bootloader

Flight control

  • Built on top of PX4
  • Hardened
  • QA tested and verified

PX4 autopilot

PX4 is an open source autopilot software running on the microcontroller of autonomous systems. Created by our co-founder Lorenz Meier in 2011 it is today the most widely adopted flight control software worldwide. PX4 is used by 10’000+ users and a community of 700 developers contributed code to the open source project, while more than half of the contributions are developed by Auterion engineers (51% in 2019, 56% in 2020).

For developers and innovators

Focus on your product development

Aimed at Enterprise developers, our managed software platform is supported, stable and updated with the latest in functionality, reliability and cybersecurity. It is designed to make your life easier by freeing up your time and resources of maintaining a complex development environment.

Packaged software

Get pre-built software packages instead of building your own

Regular updates

Receive regular software updates without re-building packages

Enterprise features

Get new features before they are made open source

Quality assurance

Share QA reports in your team and organization

Customer success

Count on our support and opt-in for an SLA

Focus on your own apps

Deploy your own code without modifying the flight controller

Skynode: The easiest way to work with Auterion Enterprise PX4

Autonomy features

Higher safety with advanced autonomy

Auterion Enterprise PX4 enables capabilites on the mission computer that enable the use of visual data and time of flight date to recreate and interpret the environment around them, allowing the drone to detect and avoid obstacles while running on an automated mission.

Stop in front of obstacles

Auterion Enterprise PX4 brings computer vision capabilities to the Linux mission computer on board. If provided with the appropriate sensors and compute power (e.g. with Skynode), the drone recognizes the environment and stops if flying too close to obstacles. Auterion’s Avoidance Distance Indicator helps drone operators move their drones safely during inspection flights. This feature is enabled both during manual flight and autonomous missions.

Visualization of distance in Mission Control
Works in manual flight
Works in autonomous missions

Fly around obstacles

Obstacle avoidance is the next step after collision prevention. Your drone will safely recognize obstacles in its way, navigate around them, and come back to the original flight path. This feature is enabled for preprogrammed missions like delivery or mapping. Dedicated hardware is required.

Works on autonomous missions
 Adds extra security
 Prevents collisions due to planning errors
Requires dedicated hardware


Positioning without GPS 

Visual Inertial Odometry (VIO) produces a relative positioning frame that is used to determining a drone’s position when GPS is low, bad, jammed, or not present. This allows the drone to fly indoors, close to high EM disturbance sources like LTE antennas, or jammed areas. 

Visual Inertial Odometry (VIO)
Accurate positioning without GPS
Indoor flights
 Flying with EM disturbance

Intelligence at the edge

Proprietary or 3rd party applications can easily be deployed in Docker containers on drones powered by Auterion. Your droned can run deep learning algorithms to segment images or to recognize patterns. Depending on the algorithms, additional computing power might be required on board.

 Deploy apps on the drone
 Run deep learning algorithms
Additional compute power might be required


Building an ecosystem

Auterion is a software platform consisting of Auterion Enterprise PX4 (on the drone), Auterion Mission Control (on the ground station), and Auterion Suite (in the cloud). We are an open platform with SDKs and APIs for integration. We provide hardware components to enable the Auterion software on the drone (with Skynode) and on the ground (with Skynav). By partnering with drone manufacturers, we build complete drone solutions.

With our decade-long open source software legacy, we are more than a vendor, we built a holistic ecosystem. By driving open industry standards we enable interoperability between vehicles, payloads, and ground controllers.


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