Vesper for ENTerprise

Compact Performance,

Powerful Dual Imaging  

Vesper is light, compact and built for performance in the most rugged work environments. Capture precise details in any mission, with high-resolution thermal and visual cameras supporting 18x zoom. Vesper is made in the U.S. and NDAA compliant.

Flight speed (mph)

Weight (kg)

Zoom (x)

Flight time (min)

Wind resistance (m/s)

Vector - Powered By Auterion
Light, rugged, portable


Vesper provides operators with American-made ISR, extended flight time, unmatched low light performance, and a 3-axis stabilized tri-sensor payload.

The light, rugged, and portable drone is backpack ready, easy to use, and has been tested with thousands of hours of flight. 

Powered by the Auterion software platform, Vesper is enabled for more computation heavy on-board operations like AI on the edge.

Auterion Software Platform

From the field to the back office, Auterion makes the Astro even faster.

Built for automation

Auterion allows you to automate processes with remote operations and data/cloud connectivity.

Connected and extendable

With MAVSDK on board you can easily deploy your own apps on the drone to extend its capability to meet whatever your use case needs.

NDAA compliant and Fully compatible with the Blue UAS architecture.

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Auterion Suite

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Train your pilots, practice your operations.

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