The centerpiece of your drone operation

Manage your enterprise robotics program with Auterion Suite. The Suite is where the data of your fleet is collected, analyzed and presented. Get insights on vehicles, assets and operations and download compliance reports. With Auterion-powered vehicles data is delivered automatically and in real-time from the fleet to the Suite – while the drones are flying and without any manual intervention.

Enterprise robotics management

Manage your complete robotics program in one place

The Auterion Suite helps you manage your complete enterprise robotics program consisting of drones, ground robots, assets, operators and missions.

Auterion-powered vehicles

Get detailed data about your Auterion-powered vehicles and their missions automatically transmitted to the Suite

Drone operators

Create profiles and automatically assign flights to operators, to keep track of your team’s activity and support compliance workflows


Register and track usage of your assets to manage your inventory and control maintenance


Get started with Auterion Suite

Learn how to setup and get started with your Auterion Suite, how to manage vehicles and assets, how to analyze flight logs and how to enable cloud features like live video and automated image upload.

From the fleet to the Suite

Zero-touch data delivery

Like your smartphone, drones powered by Auterion are online as soon as they are turned on. Operational data and live video is automatically delivered to the Auterion Suite over the built-in LTE connection in real-time – without even clicking a button.


The drones are online with built-in LTE (like a smartphone)


They automatically send data and live video to the Suite, without even pushing a button


Data is delivered all the time, while the drone is in the air and still performing a mission


Shareable live video dashboards

Create dashboards for one or multiple feeds of live video from Auterion-powered vehicles and easily share them with a publicly available link.


Automation for your drone operation

Auterion Suite makes drone operations simpler and more efficient for drone operators, team leads, program managers and subject matter experts.


Automatic upload of flight data and live video to the Auterion Suite in near realtime without handling SD-cards and manual uploads



Vehicle health data available online and in real-time in the Auterion Suite without even talking to pilots



Identical automated workflows for every drone powered with by the Auterion software platform



Automatic upload of all flight logs to the Auterion Suite from every vehicle for every pilot, easy export of files including GUTMA flight logging format.

Key features

The centerpiece of your drone operation

Fleet management

Vehicle overview and status
Detailed flight logs
Over-the-air updates


SDK access
Third-party integrations
Custom integrations


Live video
Automatic flight analysis
Compliance reports


Software updates
Direct access to support
Log forwarding to vehicle manufacturers

Enterprise data pipeline

Enabling your end-to-end workflows

Auterion enables automated workflows end-to-end: From the drone capturing data in the field, over the air to the Auterion Suite in the cloud and into third party applications to process the captured data.

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Connect every drone with one enterprise platform.

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