The centerpiece of your drone operation

Monitor every detail of your drone fleet in real time on a laptop or tablet with Auterion Suite, a cloud-based web application displaying all data about your vehicles, flights and pilots. 


View all your fleet data anytime, anywhere

Auterion Suite in the cloud is constantly connected with Auterion Enterprise PX4 on the drone and Auterion Mission Control on the ground. Auterion Suite allows you to view any data from drones powered by Enterprise PX4, as it is fully visible to the other two components in real time, so you have the same complete data picture and full control of your drone in the field or at your desk.

Complete data picture at your fingertips

Collects and presents data from all of your flights and vehicles in dashboard widgets so you have immediate access to your KPIs, flight logs, compliance reports and maintenance alerts.

Integrate data into your workflows

Auterion Suite data is in the cloud and ready to integrate into your existing software and systems over APIs, so you can display real-time drone data in the most efficient way for your teams.

Predictive maintenance with the power of data

Identify issues before they become problems. Our advanced machine learning algorithms learn from the flight logs streamed in real-time to identify anomalies and issue proactive warnings when needed.


Monitor your drone operations.

Self-service data analytics in the cloud that lets you create dashboards and insightful data visualizations  in minutes to keep an eye on your operations.


Powerful dashboard

Combine multiple reports into a single dashboard.


Always in Sync

Don’t worry about the data, always be synchronized

Key features

Explore the remote smart fleet features

Flight analytics dashboard

Flight log analysis and sensor data for a fleet or individual vehicles. This helps enterprises monitor fleet performance, pilot compliance and efficiency.

Remote software updates

Automatic updates are managed remotely to ensure every drone in your fleet is always running the latest software.

Smart fleet management

Manage your diverse fleet with an asset management system that tracks all your aerial and ground assets from vehicles to consumables like batteries in one place.

APIs to integrate drone data

Integrate Auterion Suite data seamlessly into your own tools & workflows with APIs.

Cloud connection

Drones upload their flight logs and sensor data automatically to Auterion Suite, so you can access data in near real time with no delays caused by SD cards.

Pilot compliance reporting

View the operations dashboard to monitor pilots, vehicles and missions and report compliance to operate in your airspace.


Seamless integrations with other analytics tools

Auterion Suite integrates you drone fleet and data with the tools and platform you are using today.

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Auterion Enterprise PX4

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Powered by Auterion

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