Auterion for Search & Rescue

Find and rescue lives, faster and safer

Superior situational awareness. Make faster decisions with online data connectivity and real time video.


Intelligent SAR

Search with speed and accuracy, where every second counts


Fast search time

Search larger areas at greater speed


Greater situational awareness

Provide constant aerial overview of the search zone


Intelligent detection

Leverage sensors and AI to identify ground objects automatically


Connected operation

Real-time aerial data back to mission control and teams in the field

Why SAR with Auterion?


Real time video

Stream live video over LTE cellular networks to Auterion Suite, so the incident command can follow the search operation in real time and get live vehicle health data


Interchangeable payloads

Auterion-powered vehicles allow users to select the right payload for every operation without changing systems or workflows. 


Mission planning

Plan autonomous missions on an easy-to-use platform, ensuring immediate deployment. A built-in pre-flight checklist ensures safety and provides risk mitigation.


Connected systems

Communicate between the robotics and the unit teams, as well as track every asset, with Android Team Awareness Kit (ATAK) integration. 


Operate autonomous fleets

Use a fleet of multiple drones with different payloads to conduct different tasks, like VTOLs for an overview of the situation and multirotors to get to hard-to-reach places with a single platform

Auterion Suite

Visualize data transferred automatically to the cloud, process information captured during a mission in real time, including flight logs. Benefit from a holistic and scalable fleet management.

Auterion Mission Control

Use one app to control every Auterion-powered vehicle, for any use case, from anywhere. Always with the same easy and intuitive mission planning and execution experience.

Your Search & Rescue Fleet

Connect the best vehicles, payloads, apps, and integrations within a single, easy-to-use system.

Quantum-Systems Vector

Two-in-one portable VTOL system


Freefly Astro

Enterprises’ new favorite drone system


Workswell WIRIS Security

Inspection and public safety, 30x optical zoom with anti-vibration compensation, 800 x 600 thermal resolution


Quantum-Systems Scorpion

Two-in-one portable tricopter system


Trillium HD40-LV

Situational awareness for public safety, EO/IR configuration and 10x optical zoom (visible camera)


Sony α7R IV

35 mm full-frame camera with 61.0 MP for high resolution for mapping and inspection


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