Auterion for Mapping

Automate your mapping workflows

Transfer imagery directly from the drone to the cloud. Increase your output while reducing your workload.


Your entire mapping process online

Integrate drone data into your mapping workflows and tools. Choose from multiple vehicles, custom apps and integrations. Enjoy automation, accuracy and productivity.


Reduced field time

Automate mission planning and keep your team in the field for less time.


Lower workload

Remove manual data handling and eliminate time-consuming steps.


Better quality

Review missions in real-time from anywhere. Make adjustments on the fly.


Improved safety

Fly mapping missions autonomously, eliminating risk from pilot error.

Why Mapping with Auterion?


Capture with confidence

Safely survey hard-to-reach places with collision prevention and obstacle avoidance.

  • Automate mapping flight missions
  • Set rally points for longer missions
  • Mitigate human errors
  • Interchange cameras and sensors quickly


Access data in real-time

Transfer images and videos to the cloud mid-flight. Produce and analyze thousands of data points, in different formats (orthomosaic, point cloud, DTM, DSM, contour lines, etc) and have them all in one place with automated image geotagging. 


  • Pre-plan your job workflows
  • Transfer mission details from the office to the field
  • Review mapping data from the office in real-time

Ensure compliance

Scale your compliance management by planning missions with Auterion. Download the compliance reports per pilot or vehicle from the cloud at any time.


  • Use preflight electronic checklists
  • Set no-fly zones
  • View real-time traffic

Unified workflows

Manage drones, batteries, and pilots in one place. Review flights in the cloud for KPI tracking and performance optimization. Integrate data into a single process no matter which vehicles have been flown.

Auterion Suite

Visualize data transferred automatically to the cloud and process information captured during a mission in real time, including flight logs. Benefit from a holistic and scalable fleet management.

Auterion Mission Control

Use one app to control every Auterion-powered vehicle, for any use case, from anywhere. Always with the same easy and intuitive mission planning and execution experience.

Your Mapping Fleet

Connect the best vehicles, payloads, apps, and integrations within a single, easy-to-use system.

DeltaQuad Evo

High performing eVTOL for extreme flight time and range


Freefly Astro

Enterprises’ new favorite drone system


Avy Aera

Two-in-one portable tricopter system


Sony α7R IV

35 mm full-frame camera with 61.0 MP for high resolution for mapping and inspection


Our Mapping Partners

The best in robotics are part of the Auterion Ecosystem.


Mapping for your industry

Auterion is powering robotics fleets to automate mapping across industry


Energy / Utility

Taking care of critical infrastructure



Inspect with live video and data

Public Safety

Command public safety operations from the air


Build fast and safe, anywhere


Trusted, reliable, and flexible

Energy / Oil & Gas

Refine Workflows in the Oil & Gas Industry

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