The smarter, more efficient way to scale critical infrastructure inspection

With Auterion, you can integrate data, real-time video and thermal imagery into your existing applications and workflows, while automating flight operations and compliance, so you can make quicker, smarter decisions while keeping subject matter experts in the office.

Auterion provides a better way to inspect inaccessible assets like wind turbines, solar farms, pipelines and production facilities from the air faster, smarter and at less cost.

Scale your drone operation

Auterion’s enterprise platform connects the best vehicles, payloads, apps, and integrations within a single, easy to use system. 

Interchangeable payloads

Select the right payload for every inspection and swap payloads in minutes to adapt to the use case.

Connected and open

Connect your system with the back-office, while expanding it with third party apps and integrations

Key Functional Benefits

Get closer with confidence

With Auterion collision prevention and obstacle avoidance you can safely inspect hard to reach places while avoiding accidents.

  • Conduct closer inspections

  • Mitigate human errors

  • Interchange cameras and sensors to match inspection type

Manage inspections online

We streamline the inspection processes through the cloud. Send images and video directly from the camera to the cloud – and keep all your data safely in one place.

  • Pre-plan your job workflow
  • Receive inspection data from the field to the office in real-time

Ensure flight compliance

Scale your compliance management. Prepare the mission with the pre-flight planning checklists, see no-fly zones near you and real time traffic.

  • Download the compliance reports per pilot or airframe from Auterion Cloud Insights anytime.


Access an ecosystem of vehicles and sensors

Pick the right vehicles and sensors for the right job. Auterion enables quick interchange between a range of vehicles and image capture payloads.

  • Run multiple vehicles from leading manufacturers like Freefly or Quantum-Systems within a single software system
  • Choose from a wide range of integrated payloads from vendors like Sony, Next Vision, Trilium, or Workswell
  • Open standards allow you to grow the number of integrations in the future

Get everyone on the same process

Prepare flights with electronic checklists. Manage drones, batteries, and pilots with accounts. Review flights in the cloud for KPI tracking and performance optimization. Integrate data into a single process no matter which vehicles have been flown.


View all your fleet health anytime, anywhere

Monitor every detail of your drone fleet on any device with a single web application. Drones powered by Auterion are cloud-connected, so you can access all data from footage to flight statistics in real time, without waiting for a manual upload.


Intuitive operation and live data in a powerful app

Plan autonomous missions and control flights with our simple, intuitive application designed for operators with minimal training. With live streamed data and total drone operation in one place, all you need is a laptop or tablet.


Meet Astro, enterprises new favorite drone system

The toughest multi-use enterprise drone solution made in the U.S. for utility, telco, infrastructure companies, drone service providers and first responders


  • Offline and online mission planning
  • Real-time video stream to off-site experts
  • Seamless integration into partner apps
  • Fleet monitoring with predictive maintenance in the cloud
  • Operations dashboard for compliance reports of pilot operations

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