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Create safer and more advanced drone solutions by enhancing them with Spleenlab’s machine learning solutions. Detect obstacles in the air or on the ground, avoid collisions or detect and track objects for automated flight manoeuvres.

Spleenlab’s algorithms can be installed on Auterion’s AI Node directly on board your mobile robot.


Safe and reliable perception software deployed on AI Node

Advanced ML algorithms are computation-heavy and require appropriate horse power to be deployed on board mobile robots. With Auterion’s Skynode™ and AI Node, the VISIONARY® AI software can easily be deployed and run on board drones.

The AI Node module provides supercomputer performance right at the edge onboard your drone. AI Node is equipped with the NVIDIA® Jetson Xavier™ NX, the world’s smallest AI supercomputer for embedded and edge systems.

Key features

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Object detection

Detection of different types of objects on the ground

Air risk estimation

Visual detection of cooperative and uncooperative air traffic


Tracking of individual objects on the ground including geolocalization

Ground risk estimation

Detect safe landing spots on the ground in realtime

Automated inspection

Automated asset inspection based on centimeter-level geolocalization.


Safe positioing and navigation in GPS-denied areas

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