Raising the industry bar for faster drone deployment

May 27, 2021

With every improvement of our software platform we keep two things in mind: Simplicity and efficiency. With the ultimate goal of making the lives of all our users easier. The latest release of the Auterion software platform addresses this on different levels: simplified infield calibration for faster deployment of drones powered by Auterion, automatic tuning of VTOL aircrafts for more efficient drone solution development using Skynode, and cleaned up UI elements for better overview with fewer clicks for drone operators using Auterion Mission Control.

Auterion Enterprise PX4 v2.3

Auterion Enterprise PX4 is a complete on-board software platform for advanced drone operations. It’s the software that runs on Skynode and consists of a flight controller based on PX4 as well as an operating system running on the mission computer for advanced on-board functionality and data processing capabilities.

Simplified in-field calibration

Moving a drone to a different location or even just mounting a different payload can modify the magnetic field and require a new calibration of the drone. With our new release the traditional “mag dance” is no longer required for re-calibration, it is now as easy as lifting up and slightly moving the vehicle in different directions.

See how easy it is in this short video.

VTOL autotuning

One example of how Skynode makes drone product development more efficient is the tuning of an airframe. This used to be a complex task requiring one or even multiple flight control engineers and a lot of knowhow and manual work. With the new release of our software platform, automatic rate and attitude tuning for VTOL drones in less than 60 seconds is now available. Watch how autotuning of a VTOL drone works in this demo video.

Integration of NextVision NightHawk2 and Colibri2

The newest additions to our integrated camera line-up are the two dual EO/IR cameras NightHawk2 and Colibri2 from NextVision. Skynode users are enabled to use those payloads – along with the other pre-integrated cameras – out of the box for their drone solutions powered by Auterion Skynode.

Find out more about the integration of the NightHawk2 camera in our demo video here.

Auterion Mission Control v1.12

Auterion Mission Control is the ground control software used to plan, execute and analyze operations of drones powered by Auterion. With the newest release, operators get additional status information in the fly view such as the drone’s cellular status or the battery status for systems with more than two batteries. This provides a better and more complete overview of the most important status information. Furthermore multiple workflows were simplified to reduce the numbers of clicks required to perform specific actions.

Further reading

To see the full list of updates, fixes, and improvements you can read our release notes here: https://docs.auterion.com/release-notes/

Read our online documentation for more information on the usage of Auterion Mission Control.More details on Auterion Enterprise PX4 and Auterion Mission Control can be found on our website.