Auterion for Cargo & Delivery

Autonomous drone delivery

Deliver efficiently, scale easily, and delight your customers with drone delivery powered by Auterion


From order placed to home in 30 minutes

Let your customers receive their order in minutes instead of hours or days.


Smarter last-mile delivery

80% of what consumers order online weighs 5 pounds or less. Significantly reduce the time and energy it takes to deliver small packages.


A green delivery fleet

Drones can have up to 84% lower CO2 emissions per package than other vehicles, while cutting back on road congestion.


Deployed at scale

Rely on a technology that already powers cargo delivery to households across the US today; customize your own solution and integrate it with your existing workflows


Operational excellence

With cloud connectivity, keep your eyes on your whole fleet anytime, ensure deployment readiness and optimal operations with predictive maintenance.


More profit per package

Last-mile delivery by cargo drone brings your product to your customer 3 times faster, more sustainably, and without exposure to over-the-road costs and constraints.

Why Delivery with Auterion?

Software-defined drones

  • Automate tasks, with a direct impact on your business  
  • Deploy autonomous fleets at scale 
  • Benefit from a unique software experience

Auterion suite

  • Robotics program management from one place
  • Real-time data transfer from the drone to the cloud
  • Predictive maintenance for your drones and assets

Ecosystem of partners

  • Bringing together different hardware and software providers into a single platform 
  • Network effects benefit a wide range of use cases  
  • Fast integration thanks to open source

App integration

  • Vendor-independent OS with a built-in app deployment mechanism
  • Third-party apps can be deployed onboard the drone, on the ground controller, or in the cloud
  • Enhanced solutions through advanced autonomy and improved workflows

Auterion Suite

Visualize data transferred automatically to the cloud and process information captured during a mission in real time, including flight logs. Benefit from a holistic and scalable fleet management.

Auterion Mission Control

Use one app to control every Auterion-powered vehicle, for any use case, from anywhere. Always with the same easy and intuitive mission planning and execution experience.

Your Delivery Fleet

Connect the best vehicles, payloads, apps, and integrations within a single, easy-to-use system.

Watts Innovations Prism Sky

Connected heavy lift coaxial X8 or quad


Avy Aera

Long-range vertical take-off and landing cargo system


Customer story

Powering delivery to 4 million households

Auterion’s platform powers DroneUp’s expanding delivery network of over 34 sites, providing 4 million U.S. households across six states – Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Texas, Utah, and Virginia with drone delivery services. 

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Our partners in delivery

The sky’s the limit

Manage your diverse drone fleet using a single autonomous mobility platform. Delivery hubs are being built and tested by our partners to deliver goods at scale for various industries:






Food & beverage


and more...

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