Presenting the New Auterion SDK: Develop Apps for Autonomous Robots

March 25, 2024

We’re happy to release AOS 3.2.9, the latest version of AuterionOS—a common framework for app development—which comes with the new Auterion SDK. 

The Auterion SDK simplifies the developer experience with a C++ library which allows the development of advanced autonomous features that can be deployed as apps on any Auterion-powered vehicle. Developers can create apps for a wide range of use cases and contribute to our large open source ecosystem.

The Auterion SDK comes with three main API categories:

  • Flight Mode: fully control drone behavior by sending setpoints to the Flight Management Unit (FMU)
  • System State: subscribe to the various states of the vehicle including current position, altitude, or battery status
  • Navigation: integrate external navigation systems into UAVs, such as a VIO system to improve the positioning of your drone in GPS-constrained environments

Auterion SDK in action

Watch this video to see how Claudio Micheli, Auterion Enterprise Product Manager, uses the Flight Mode API to build a simple figure-eight flight mode that can be used as a calibration routine for Lidar use cases:

How to develop apps for Auterion-powered vehicles with the new Auterion SDK

Skynode X

The Auterion SDK, combined with Skynode X, empowers developers to fully leverage the potential of the all-in-one autonomy platform, which was recently upgraded with enhanced performance for computer vision applications, an area that the autonomous robots industry is increasingly focusing on.

Why Build Apps with Auterion?

The expandable Auterion software stack (based on open source), allows developers to integrate their apps into a range of different vehicles from various vendors with an easy and simple process.

Apps built for AuterionOS can be made available to the whole Auterion Ecosystem. End users will be able to install them and roll them out to an entire fleet of vehicles through the Auteiron Suite, similar to how you would do it on a smartphone. This will significantly reduce their integration time and open up opportunities for app developers to obtain recurring revenue at scale. 

Vehicle manufacturers can go to market faster by integrating their advancements on top of Auterion’s established enterprise-level software stack. They can also utilize the functionalities developed by others in the ecosystem to extend the capabilities of their vehicles and tailor them to individual customers.

Current Apps

We work with various partners who have developed advanced functionalities on top of AuterionOS, such as precision landing, GPS-denied navigation, object recognition and classification, target following, and more.

One of our partners, KEF Robotics, develops software to fly aircraft without a human pilot. Watch this 1-minute video to learn how they built on top of Auterion to deploy their advanced computer-vision algorithms and reduced end-user integration time.

Auterion and KEF Robotics Partner on GPS Denied Flight

Develop your app for AuterionOS

Have a great app idea? Join the Auterion development program, build it using the Auterion SDK and share it with the entire ecosystem. 

Get started: