Meet the team: Flight test engineer, Luke Walker

November 12, 2020

As a flight test engineer at Auterion, Luke configures and tests aircraft and other hardware before delivery to our customers.  As part of the team in our U.S. office, when Luke is not testing he can be found demonstrating technology to customers and working with the team to create and improve processes.

“I have the exciting role of getting to fly new aircraft with cutting edge technology!  Improvements in hardware and software happen at an amazing pace and I’m continually surprised by its capabilities.  It’s great to get outside with customers and our team, stepping through the latest features of the technology and I simply enjoy flying.”

The average day for Luke is typically different from the last.  When hardware has arrived from manufacturing or our suppliers, he inspects and tests the hardware.  As we develop new software features and integrate new tools, Luke is involved in how to best use these in our existing ecosystem.

“We’ve been working with the Quantum Systems Vector aircraft more and more.  I’ve been flying the Vector frequently and working with others to capture amazing footage of it!  It’s an extremely capable piece of hardware and seeing it integrated into the Auterion ecosystem is exciting.”

Luke describes Auterion as a fast paced work environment, with the opportunity of getting involved in a wide range of both hardware and software tools.  “This gives great variety and expands the teams knowledge of 1st party and 3rd party systems,” says Luke. 

What advice does Luke have for a job seeker interested in applying to Auterion? 

“They should ideally demonstrate the ability to adapt, learn new skills, and communicate well in a team that is spread across the world.  Expressing interest in the Auterion platform as a whole and how it functions is a great way to get the conversation going about where we’re headed and what we want to build.”

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