Meet the team: Program manager, Casey Barrett

October 20, 2020

Today, as a Program Manager at Auterion, Casey works with customers, suppliers, and a variety of teams across the company to help drive product strategy and establish critical processes that support delivering product into our customers hands. 

“On any given day, I can be managing program execution and delivery, writing government proposals, developing marketing content, or interfacing with customers, suppliers, engineers, and product users. Sometimes, I even do all of those things in a single day!,”

Casey is a standout multi-tasker and thrives on the variety of work she does on a daily basis. 

One of the most interesting things about working at Auterion is the variety of work that I do. I love that every day I have a new challenge to conquer. At the end of each day, I can honestly say that I have real job satisfaction knowing that my work actually makes a difference.

A typical day for Casey starts with morning calls with the engineering team in Zurich. “These meetings give me a chance to get status updates, tackle any programmatic or engineering obstacles, and convey any changes to the plan or updates from customers,” explains Casey. 

Around mid morning, Casey’s focus shifts to interfacing with the U.S. based engineering and production teams. This involves coordinating development and production needs, long and short term product strategy development, and establishing internal and external processes. Her afternoons vary greatly, which can be anything from marketing activities to customer service and correspondence to product testing and flying.

“Auterion is a fast-paced startup. This means that things will change on a daily, sometimes even hourly, basis. You need to be able to adapt quickly and think creatively.”

As with the rest of the Auterion team, Casey loves to get out of the office to fly. She finds it a great opportunity to interact with her flight test engineers outside of the normal office environment as well as hone her flying skills! 

“As a program manager, getting hands-on experience of the intricacies and subtle nuances of the products reinforces my understanding of those products, strengthens the relationships with coworkers, and, overall, enhances my ability to effectively lead programs.”

Casey values Auterion fast-paced, professional, and friendly working environment and above all loves working alongside her coworkers.  

“My coworkers are all brilliant, creative, and innovative, making every day a unique and stimulating experience that fuels my desire for continuous learning and growth.”

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