Skynode X: the new evolution of Auterion’s autopilot for autonomous drones

October 9, 2023

A fully integrated autopilot and mission computer that enables any drone with the Auterion software platform.

In the fast-evolving world of robotics and drone technology, innovation is the name of the game. Today Auterion releases Skynode X, the new generation of its all-in-one autonomy solution for drones, Skynode.

This combined autopilot and mission computer with LTE connectivity empowers a diverse range of drones and robots to perform high-risk and mundane tasks, deliver goods, and assist in life-saving missions. 

Skynode X not only preserves all the foundational capabilities of its predecessor, it also grants access to the most advanced standards available, guaranteeing upgraded performance, reliability, and precision. 

Let’s dive in into the main product highlights:

  • Powerful Yet Lightweight Design: Skynode X boasts a new design that is 30% thinner and 15% lighter than its predecessor. This compact form factor combines all core components into a single hardware unit, facilitating easy integration into small or space-constrained vehicles without compromising performance.
  • Enhanced Performance with FMUv6x: Skynode X incorporates the latest Flight Management Unit (FMU), FMUv6x, offering upgraded performance, stability, and reliability. With double the compute power and double the RAM, it provides headroom for operating larger vehicles, including those with extensive CAN networks.
  • Enhanced Computer Vision support: The new vision software development kit allows developers to create custom applications for Skynode X or install third-party applications, expanding functionality. Possibilities include GPS-denied navigation, vision-guided landing on moving landing pads, and obstacle detection.

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The versatility of Skynode X extends far beyond its sleek design and impressive specs. This technology has already enabled dozens of OEMs to successfully develop autonomous robotics systems for various industries, including cargo delivery, mapping and surveying, and defense.

Skynode X offers several key benefits for companies in the drone industry:

  • Cost-Efficiency: It provides an all-in-one solution that streamlines the integration of the Auterion software platform into different types of robots. This reduces the time and costs associated with hardware and software integration.
  • Simplified Hardware Integration: By combining all core components into a single hardware unit, Skynode X simplifies the integration process, eliminating the need to assemble numerous individual components.
  • Open-Source Foundations: Skynode X supports large organizations in building on top of open-source foundations, fostering collaboration and innovation within the industry.
  • Ecosystem Value: For vehicle manufacturers, Skynode X offers a gateway to the Auterion hardware/software ecosystem, enabling them to tap into a world of possibilities and drive innovation.

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