Meet Astro

The world’s best multi-use drone system for enterprise.
Engineered by Freefly. Powered by Auterion.

As the toughest U.S. made multi-use enterprise drone solution, Astro is the new favorite for enterprise and first responders. Built for durability, versatility and connectivity, the Astro is the drone system creating a class of its own.

Designed, built, and tested in the U.S.

Founded in 2013, Freefly produces high-performance tools for demanding applications.
 With thousands of tested in-flight hours, Freefly drones have a reputation as the industry’s toughest drones. 
Each and every vehicle endures a barrage of component and system-level tests designed to weed out items that do not meet strict quality control levels.

Astro expandedAstro folded

Astro is light

Folds up and can be carried with ease

Astro is fast

Case to flying in under 90 second

Astro is sharp

Carries the 60 Mpx Sony alpha 7R IV

Astro is connected

LTE connectivity for real-time data transfer

Astro is powerful

Skynode onboard including mission computer

Astro is smart

From smart batteries to cloud integration

Skynode inside. Powered by Auterion

A customized version of Skynode powers each Astro. Skynode gives you LTE connectivity, an onboard linux mission computer, and seamless connectivity to Auterion Mission Control and Cloud Suite.

The Auterion ecosystem provides a robust, secure, and scalable drone planning, flight, and compliance management solution which is ready for the enterprise.

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Auterion Software Platform

From the field to the back office, Auterion makes the Astro even faster.

Built for automation

Auterion allows you to automate processes with remote operations and data/cloud connectivity. Stream data directly from the Astro in the field to your experts in the office and close the loop on your existing workflows.

Hands off operations

Leverage automatic flight logging, pilot and asset management on the Auterion Suite to eliminate manual flight admin. Ensure missions stay compliant and let the Auterion platform keep you informed on the health of your Astro in real-time. 

Multiple payload options

With Auterion’s ecosystem of payloads, you have multiple payload options for your Astro. Standardized integrations mean you can seamlessly change payloads in the field within moments not disrupting workflows.

Connected and extendable

With the MAVSDK on board you can easily deploy your own apps on the Astro to extend its capability to meet whatever your use case.


Make your drones ready for work

Different industries demand robust drones that can perform specific tasks to the highest standard while integrating seamlessly with existing workflows. With Skynode on board, your drones get the job done.


With Astro, you have an adaptable, reliable workhorse for aerial photography, videos, or scanning.


With Astro, the inspection of critical infrastructure is faster, safer, and more comprehensive.

Public safety

With Astro you have operational awareness on the field, real-time video over LTE, and ensure flight compliance

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Auterion Mission Control

Plan, execute and analyze with a single powerful app.

Auterion Suite

The centerpiece of your drone operation.


Train your pilots, practice your operations.

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