Auterion Enterprise PX4 Release 1.1.


The latest Auterion Enterprise PX4 release 1.1. enables cargo drones, industrial inspections, and intuitive camera control.

Auterion Enterprise PX4 Release 1.1.2019-06-14T11:59:56+00:00

Drone Workflows in 2019


Real-time work tools have transformed how enterprises get things done - at Auterion we believe that drone workflows for drone operators make drones safer and more reliable.

Drone Workflows in 20192019-05-28T14:00:51+00:00

MAVSDK Webinar Recap


The webinar on the SDK was a lesson on how to write apps and control PX4 powered drones from a convenient SDK. The SDK supports different programming languages and can be used on mobile, desktop and servers.

MAVSDK Webinar Recap2019-07-03T07:42:05+00:00

Auterion Launches OS for Commercial Drones


InterDrone, Las Vegas, NV, Sep. 4, 2018 - Auterion, today launched its enterprise drone operating system and announced that the company raised $10m in seed funding from leading investors.

Auterion Launches OS for Commercial Drones2019-06-14T11:54:19+00:00