Auterion and Avy collaborate on BVLOS VTOL

November 19, 2019

Auterion and Avy collaborate on BVLOS VTOL designed for long range operations

Our business focus has always been about participating in a movement that is bigger than ourselves. That’s why Auterion is excited about our latest collaboration, with Avy drones. Avy is doing inspiring work with unmanned aviation technologies, focused on life-saving missions and applications.

The use of Avy drones ranges from wildlife conservation efforts to emergency medical supply deliveries in hard to access locations, as well as serving as electronic eyes during Search and Rescue operations. Auterion’s open-source mission is the perfect software and systems partner for the Avy’s new drone, the Aera.

The Avy Aera winged drone is a long endurance VTOL that can operate in remote locations with little to no infrastructure. It’s also one of the most advanced commercial drones ever created, with a range of over 62 miles (100 km), a cargo payload of up to 3.3 lbs (1.5 kg), equipped with onboard redundant communication links (RF, LTE, Satlink) and ADS-B transponder. The drone relies on our software platform, including the operating system, Auterion Enterprise PX4, the Auterion Ground Station software for flight planning, and Auterion Insights for flight, safety, and compliance management. We believe this partnership will have life-saving implications and provide long term benefits for Aera operators worldwide.  If you’re planning on attending Amsterdam Drone Week on December 4-6, you can see the Avy Aera drone solution firsthand, as it will be showcased during the week. To learn more, please read our press release.