Auterion Enterprise PX4 Release 1.1

May 28, 2019

Vehicle pairing

The latest Auterion release enables cargo drones, industrial inspections and intuitive camera control

Flying a drone cargo delivery, inspecting industrial infrastructure, conducting a search and rescue mission by drone. Auterion is the drone operating system that makes all these things possible. Last September, we announced the first version of the Auterion software platform at Interdrone. Since that time our development team has continued innovating on all components of the Auterion Enterprise PX4 platform. Today, based on the valuable insights we received from our customers, partners, and the developer community, we are excited to release Auterion 1.1, which contains enhancements in safety, operations efficiency, and scalability.

Safer operations and more control for the operator

  • One of the most visible changes in Auterion 1.1 is the new User Interface of the Auterion Ground Station (AGS), with a sleek and modern design that makes performing routine tasks more efficient.
  • The camera now features more precise and accurate controls directly in AGS, with a focus on getting things done directly with the camera interface.
  • Aggregation and visualization of all your flights continues to be available in Auterion Cloud Insights.  We’ve enhanced the dashboard analytics, and improved safety through with several new predictive maintenance alerts.
  • You can now write your own flight control apps by using the mobile SDK. New in Auterion 1.1 is support for Python.

Smoother maneuvering, across more vehicles, with enhanced safety

  • Significant efforts were conducted by our flight control and computer vision teams to make autonomous operations safer, the primary concern of operators many governments and regulatory agencies.
  • By working together with the developer community, we include all new features and enhancements of the PX4 1.9 release candidate, thoroughly tested across a variety of vehicles and flight conditions.
  • Observe visibly smoother flights with Multicopter Position and Altitude Control using the new Trajectory Optimizer algorithm.
  • Quadplane VTOL operations are enhanced and fully supported by PX4.
  • Fly confidently with a safe distance from obstacles with obstacle avoidance and collision prevention enabled by default on supported platforms. Furthermore, you can benefit from increased safety with pre-flight and in-flight checks for the obstacle avoidance system.
  • Finally, we added privacy-based settings to turn off data persistence and logging, keeping your flight data discrete if needed.

Peripherals: new communication link options, plus ruggedized RTK and GPS support

  • Auterion Enterprise PX4 supports long-distance digital datalinks from Microhard and Taisync, offering both Telemetry and HD live video streaming.
  • The u-blox F9 is added to the growing list of supported GPS modules, including RTK support from both u-blox and Trimble.
  • GPS capabilities have been bolstered through the addition of GPS-blending (multi-GPS), as well as improved handling of GPS dropouts with switchover to vision-assisted navigation.
  • Heading estimation is improved with support for dual-GPS sources, including switchover from magnetometer.
  • Additionally, safety is enhanced through automatic parachute deployment if a failure is detected.
The above list covers just a few highlights of what’s new in Auterion 1.1. Want to learn more? Take a look at the full technical release notes, or read about our Product in general.