Auterion adds the new Sony ILX-LR1 to its Payload Ecosystem

November 16, 2023

The new Sony ILX-LR1 camera is now part of the Auterion ecosystem and integrates with Skynode X

Today we’re announcing the latest introduction to our ecosystem of payloads integrated with the Auterion platform, the new Sony ILX-LR1 camera. This camera will initially be supported by a closed beta version of AuterionOS until further improvements will be implemented to enhance the capabilities offered by the platform integration.

Integrating payloads within AuterionOS, the all-in-one autonomy software platform running onboard Skynode X, means that drone manufacturers can benefit from plug-and-play support without having to spend time on software development.

The Sony ILX-LR1 camera harnesses advanced sensor technology with a 35mm full-frame back-illuminated image sensor and approximately 61MP, offering the same image quality and performance as previous Sony camera models like the a7rIV, but in a smaller form factor. 

Compared to the previous models, the reduced weight of the camera (253g) allows it to achieve longer flight times and makes it the best option for commercial drone applications such as surveying, mapping and inspection.

The Sony Camera Remote SDK allows users to control Sony cameras remotely, from changing the camera settings, to remote shutter release, and live view monitoring.

Users who will test this payload integrated with Auterion Skynode X as well as previous versions of Skynode, will have full control of the camera functionalities through Auterion Mission Control, as well as image storage options and cloud data transmission that is offered with any payload of the Auterion ecosystem. 

Auterion drives innovation in the autonomous robotics industry by partnering with UAV manufacturers, camera and payload manufacturers and software developers. We’re committed to creating an ecosystem that gives customers and end users greater choice and flexibility to choose the optimum combination of camera and robot for any use case.

If you want to start using AuterionOS with the new Sony ILX-LR1 camera, reach out to our sales team.

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