Create connected
drones faster

Skynode Enterprise is NDAA compliant

Skynode™ turns your drone into
a connected autonomous system

A built-in connectivity stack including 4G, Bluetooth and WiFi enables automatic real-time data transmission from your drone to the cloud. Built on open standards, Skynode™ is flexible and extensible and allows you to leverage compatible software and hardware components from our rich ecosystem.

Design an enterprise solution

Skynode™ enables you to cater to the enterprise by creating simple but powerful drone solutions.

Simple and intuitive UI

Enterprise operators expect smartphone-like UX. Provide them with a simple interface and intuitive controls – like 3D maps – for solutions that work with minimal training.

Skynode™ enables you with:

  • Simple and confident planning
  • Safety and peace of mind
  • Efficient execution
  • Purposeful flight behavior
Live view and camera control

4G real-time data delivery

Drones need to deliver images and videos to subject matter experts. Connect your drone with 4G, and soon 5G, to send images and stream real-time video from the field to remote experts.

Skynode™ comes with:

  • Built-in 4G module

  • SIM card and 5 GB data volume included

  • Automated zero-touch data upload

  • Real-time upload of logs, images, video

AI and apps on board

Running AI algorithms onboard is quickly becoming the norm in the drone industry. Easily deploy apps and algorithms in Docker containers and extend Skynode™ with additional compute power when needed.

  • Deploy apps in docker containers
Extend Skynode™ with additional compute power

  • Process high bandwidth sensor data onboard

Your Skynode™ journey

Providing you with tested and validated hardware and software, you can accelerate every step of your development cycle and scale easily from your first prototype to mass production.

Plug and play

Skynode™ is ready for you to immediately start developing. Plug payloads, sensors and components like an FPV or depth camera directly into Skynode’s external interfaces. View analytics in the Auterion Suite and operate from the ground with Auterion Mission Control.

Various drones

Control multicopter, fixed-wing, VTOL drones as well as rovers or boats

Auterion Mission Control

Control vehicle and payload, view your drone’s live video stream.
Learn more here

GPS, ESC & more

Directly connect ESC, GPS, sensors, depth camera, FPV camera

Auterion Suite
Analyze your flights in the Auterion Suite.
Learn more here

Flexible payload
Control fully integrated cameras and payloads.
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Run simulations with Skynode hardware in the loop.
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Bring your drone online with integrated 4G
Remote ID

Comply with the final Remote ID rule.
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Skynode Enterprise


Everything we do is built on open standards. Skynode™ integrates smoothly into your vehicle setup and enables you with the necessary hardware and software extensions you need to create your product.

Compute power for AI
Connect AI Node, equipped with the NVIDIA® Jetson Xavier™ NX  for compute-heavy operations.
Learn more here

Third party components

Integrate hardware components like uAvionix transponders, Maxon motors, or Elsight Halo.
Learn more here

Deploy your own apps
Easily deploy your own apps and algorithms onboard Skynode™.
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Custom payload integration

Integrate your own payload using the open Pixhawk Payload Bus standard.
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Skynode™ products

Accelerate your drone development in every phase of your process with the right Skynode™ product.

Evaluation Kit

Every Skynode™ journey begins with the evaluation kit. Start prototyping straight away with Skynode™ Enterprise and all the necessary peripherals in one box.

See details

Skynode Devkit


The ideal way to efficiently continue development is with the enclosed Skynode™ Enterprise units which don’t need to be integrated into the final design yet.

Read the datasheet

Skynode Devkit


The small, lightweight, bare Skynode™ OEM module allows tight integration into your airframe design for final production.

Read the datasheet

Skynode Devkit

Reference design

Depending on your specific requirements on shape or connector types, you can create your own custom hardware based on our Skynode™ reference design.

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Skynode Devkit


For solutions that require U.S. government certification and lifted technical restrictions typical of government use.

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Skynode Devkit


Take a look inside Skynode™ whose avionics components were designed and built for autonomy and connectivity.

Support and collaboration

With Skynode™ enabling the Auterion platform, you can accelerate every step of your development cycle and scale easily from your first prototype to mass production.

Knowledge base

Using the resources in our knowledge base you can immediately start prototyping with your Skynode™ evaluation kit.
  • Education
  • Documentation
  • How to videos

Professional services

With their unique depth of understanding of the overall system, our engineers can team up with you during product development to shorten your time to market.
  • On-site support

  • Service Level Agreements with dedicated support
  • Vehicle flight analysis

Joint go-to-market

To maximize the impact of your product, our marketing and sales teams join forces with you to promote and sell your unique solution on both your and our channels and platforms.
  • Trade show displays and product launches
Media coverage

  • Listed in Auterion’s partner catalog
What Auterion is offering doesn’t exist elsewhere, with the Suite collecting data from the drone in real time or the ecosystem of compatible payloads that just work out of the box. You offer functionality we tried to do ourselves, but would need a team of 100 software engineers to pull it off. And that is where I believe the benefit of working with Auterion is because we can both play to each other’s strengths.

— Bobby Watts.
     CEO & Principal Engineer, Watts Innovations

Partnering with Auterion to bring the Astro to market allowed us to aim much higher than we could have on our own. As a small self-funded startup of 35 people we have huge ambitions and often end up having to cut scope from the end product. Working with Auterion allowed us to deliver even more than we originally planned.

The open architecture and collaborative nature at Auterion enabled several key pivots during the product development process, ultimately landing on a product that is more flexible, efficient, and ultra adaptable.

— Tabb Firchau.
     President, Freefly Systems

Skynode FAQ

Is Skynode in stock?

Skynode Enterprise is available in the US and select countries. Skynode OEM and Skynode Gov are available for order.

What are the Skynode specs?

Download the datasheet for details around the full specs.

How much does Skynode cost?

Get in touch with our team here to get more information and ask for a quote. 

Can I run my own software on Skynode?

Skynode is compatible with Auterion Enterprise PX4 software. With the Auterion SDK, you can deploy your own apps or proprietary algorithms on Skynode’s mission computer.

How do I connect payloads to Skynode?

Payloads are connected to the Pixhawk Payload Bus (unifying USB, Ethernet, UART, CAN), a MIPI-CSI is available for video captures.

How do I integrate camera and gimbal controls?

There is a number of natively integrated payloads ready for you to use. The extensible framework around the Auterion payload manager also allows easy integration of new cameras. Get in touch with use if you can’t find your favorite payload on the list.

Where can I find documentation about Skynode?

Go here to access the Skynode documentation.

Is Skynode open source?

Skynode is based on open flight control standards (FMUv5x) and uses open standards for connectivity and payload control (Pixhawk Payload Bus). The Skynode hardware is Auterion’s implementation of these standards. Skynode’s reference design is available for large volume manufacturers.

Can I connect an additional mission computer to Skynode?

Different mission computers may run on board a drone in parallel to the Skynode mission computer, provided there is an adequate power supply to properly meet requirements of your use case.

Get in touch if you need early access support for the integration of the Qualcomm RB5 robotics platform or the NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX.

Are drones using Skynode compliant with the final Remote ID rule (part 89)?

Yes, drones using Skynode will be compliant with the new regulations with the support for OpenDroneID, which implements ASTM F3411. Read more here.

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Auterion Mission Control

Plan, execute and analyze with a single powerful app.

Auterion Enterprise PX4

The operating system for your drone fleet.

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