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Skynode Enterprise


Unifies flight controller, mission computer, and connectivity

Skynode unifies flight controller, mission computer and networking in a compact embedded design.


Integrates with any type of airframe


Skynode can be integrated into quads, multi-rotors, VTOLs, and fixed-wing drones.


Enables the Auterion software platform

Skynode enables the Auterion software platform with enterprise workflow integration, advanced autonomy features, mission planning, live video streams, operations dashboard, flight analytics and cloud-based predictive maintenance

Jump-start your development process with Skynode, the fastest way to power drones with the software, payloads and workflow integrations that enterprise customers demand. By connecting you to the Auterion platform, Skynode dramatically reduces the time and cost of designing, integrating and maintaining your own hardware and software, so you can focus on developing an excellent product.

Built on stable open source software and widely adopted industry standards including FMUv5x, MAVLink and PX4, Auterion is highly interoperable with integrations from a host of partners in an open, future-proof ecosystem.

Three reasons to fast-track with Skynode


Enter new enterprise markets and bring your products to market faster. Focus on what makes your drone unique, while the Auterion platform takes care of the rest.

Save costs

Cut out the cost of building software, hardware and integrations. Skynode and the Auterion software platform just work together.

Stay compliant

We ensure Skynode’s built-in hardware components are fully compliant in your market, so you can focus on your products’ performance. 

Introducing the Skynode family

Skynode comes in different models to meet the needs and standards of government, enterprise and manufacturers. More than just hardware, Skynode is also available as a reference design for you to build your own integrated version.

Skynode Enterprise

The fast-track way for manufacturers to power their drones with the software, payloads and workflow integrations that enterprise customers demand.

Skynode Government

As a US Government certified vendor, we design, assemble and support Skynode in the USA. It is fully compliant with National Defense Authorization Act.

Learn more at

Skynode RTA

GE Aviation developed a Skynode version that adds Run-Time Assurance (RTA) for drone operations that go beyond what Part 107 allows and require special waivers.

Get in touch to learn more about Skynode RTA

Core board

For more design control, take Skynode’s core components and integrate them in your airframe however you choose.

Reference design

For high-volume production and total control, manufacture your own Skynode based on our reference design.


Connected drones work smarter

With Skynode on board, your drones are connected to the Auterion platform, so you can offer enterprise workflow integration, advanced autonomy, mission planning, live video streams, operations dashboard, flight analytics and cloud-based predictive maintenance. 

Workflow integration

Skynode is ready to integrate data on the drone, on the ground and in the cloud with your customers’ software and systems. 

Flight control

Pre-installed flight control system Auterion Enterprise PX4 powers advanced autonomy features for multicopter, fixed wing and VTOL vehicles. 

Cloud-based analytics

Automatic flight log analysis, predictive maintenance and over-the-air firmware updates via LTE, with UTM and remote ID ready to integrate.

Payload integration

Full control of cameras and gimbals over Auterion Mission Control and real-time video-stream to the ground and the cloud over the Payload SDK.

Advanced autonomy

With the right hardware on board, Skynode enables obstacle avoidance, collision prevention, and VIO positioning out of the box.

Fast app development

Docker architecture and MAVSDK means you and your customers can quickly develop your own apps on the drone or mobile device.

Go to market faster

With Skynode enabling the Auterion platform, you can accelerate every step of your development cycle and scale easily from your first prototype to mass production.


Skynode is ready to integrate data on the drone, on the ground and in the cloud with your customers’ systems. 

Low-volume production

Produce vehicles quickly and easily with off-the-shelf Skynode units.


Ship your final product containing hardware based on Skynode’s reference design.

High-volume production

Manufacture your own hardware at scale by licensing our reference design.

Save time designing and integrating hardware and software. Skynode and Auterion just work together.


Plug and play with Skynode

Everything we do is built on open standards, which means Skynode integrates smoothly into your vehicle set-up. Plug payloads, sensors and components like an FPV or depth camera directly into Skynode’s external interfaces. View analytics in the cloud via the built-in LTE module and operate from the ground with Auterion Mission Control. 

Depth camera

Connect a depth camera to make your drone more autonomous with obstacle avoidance and collision prevention. 

Flexible payload

Operate a range of gimbals and cameras via the flexible PPB interface.

GPS, ESC & more

Every required sensor – GPS, ESCs, distance, optical flow, air speed – connects directly to Skynode.

FPV camera

Connect an FPV camera for continuous situational awareness.

Auterion Cloud

LTE cloud connection enables automatic flight log analysis, predictive maintenance, fleet management and over-the-air firmware updates. 

Mission Control

Control vehicle and payload, view your drone’s live video stream and plan missions from a single powerful app.

Take a look inside

Discover the details of how Skynode combines flight controller, companion computer and connectivity in a compact, embedded design.

Skynode FAQ

When will Skynode be available?

Skynode Enterprise is already available in the US and select countries. Skynode OEM is available for order now, Skynode Government and Skynode RTA will follow later in 2021.

What are the Skynode specs?
Get in touch with us for details around the full specs.
How much does Skynode cost?

Quotes may be requested for Skynode Enterprise, Skynode OEM and accompanying Auterion Enterprise PX4 software, peripherals, and accessories.

Can I run my own software on Skynode?

Skynode is compatible with Auterion Enterprise PX4 software. With use of Auterion’s SDK, you may deploy your own apps or proprietary algorithms on board the Skynode mission computer.

How do I connect payloads to Skynode?

Payloads are connected to the Pixhawk Payload Bus (unifying USB, Ethernet, UART, CAN), a MIPI-CSI and an optional HDMI connector are available for video captures.

Where can I find documentation about Skynode?

Get in touch with us regarding Skynode documentation.

Is Skynode open source?

No, Skynode is primarily designed to enable our software customers with a hardware platform. However, as a high volume manufacturer you can build your own Skynode design based on our reference design.

Can I connect an additional mission computer to Skynode?

Different mission computers may run on board a drone in parallel to the Skynode mission computer, provided there is an adequate power supply to properly meet requirements of your use case.

Are drones using Skynode compliant with the final Remote ID rule?

Yes, drones using Skynode will be compliant with the new regulations with the support for OpenDroneID, which implements ASTM F3411.

Make your drones ready for work

Different industries demand robust drones that can perform specific tasks to the highest standard while integrating seamlessly with existing workflows. With Skynode on board, your drones get the job done.

Cargo & delivery

Cargo drones deliver with Skynode

  • Flight planning with Mission Control, including rally points
  • Airspace, UTM and Remote ID integration
  • Real-time flight logs of every delivery with Auterion Cloud 
  • Fleet monitoring with predictive maintenance
  • Integrate into logistics backends with API and SDK

Inspection & surveillance

Skynode turns inspection drones into data capture platforms

  • Mission planning with Mission Control, including region of interest
  • Immediate pilot compliance reports with Auterion Cloud
  • Deliver images to off-site experts in real time via the cloud
  • Integrate securely into business analytics tools via API and SDK
  • Fleet monitoring with predictive maintenance

Search & rescue

Skynode fully equips drones for search and rescue missions

  • Mission Control pairing for immediate take-off
  • Dual camera view for visual and thermal imagery
  • Real-time video streaming over LTE (teleoperation)
  • Remotely coordinate units in the field and teams on duty
  • Immediate pilot compliance reports with Auterion Cloud

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