Bring smart drones to market quicker and make them future proof

Auterion’s managed distribution of stable, open source software gives you a solid foundation for development and integration, based on future-proof open standards. 

Why Auterion?

Powering your drones with the Auterion software platform gives you immediate access to the global enterprise market. By offering your customers an end-to-end solution that connects their drone operations in one efficient workflow, you can focus more resources on developing your products and getting them to market. 


Go to market faster

With the Auterion platform, you can accelerate every step in getting drones to market by taking advantage of tried-and-tested software and hardware integration for development, testing, deployment, and support that span your entire product architecture and lifecycle


Enterprise-level experience

Provide the total, integrated customer experience that enterprises expect. With a complete suite and integrations to choose from, you can offer the latest in functionality, reliability, and security on every drone you build.


Get connected for enterprise

With APIs you can offer your customers enterprise-class workflows to smoothly integrate the Auterion platform on the drone, on the ground and in the cloud with their existing systems and workflows.


Join a world-class ecosystem

Be part of an ecosystem built on widely adopted industry standards like MAVLink and the Pixhawk FMU, payload and battery standards. Retain the freedom to operate as Auterion Enterprise PX4 is built on top of open source projects like PX4 and MAVSDK.

The Auterion end-to-end platform

Smoothly integrate your drone operations and data

Use our APIs to simplify workflows by integrating the Auterion platform with your existing software and systems. Our engineers offer full support to make your end-to-end experience as smooth as possible.


Advanced features of the Auterion platform


Predictive maintenance

Automated alerts help you identify potential issues before they become real problems.


Simplified compliance

Customers get automated data for easy flight logging and compliance reporting.


Cloud connection

Real-time monitoring and over-the-air firmware updates via drone LTE modules.


Real-time video streaming

Offer live video streams to the operator overlaid with flight instruments via 
onboard LTE.


Enterprise integrations

Provide customers painless integrations with enterprise apps like Zendesk and Dropbox.


Advanced mission planning

Offer an intuitive app that works on any drone and is designed for operators with minimal training.


Make drones enterprise-ready 
with Skynode

Skynode is the fastest way to power any drone with the enterprise-ready Auterion platform, enabling autonomy features, mission planning, live video streams, an operations dashboard, flight analytics and cloud-based predictive maintenance in an easy to integrate avionics module.

Auterion gives you the tools to succeed

Make your product ready for an enterprise environment with a full toolkit designed to smoothly accelerate your path to market.


Power up with Auterion Enterprise PX4

Power your drone securely with our robust, enterprise-class distribution of PX4, the world’s most widely used open-source flight control system for drones. Harnessing open source dynamics for an enterprise environment, Auterion Enterprise PX4 powers safe and autonomous flights, including flight control and the processes and algorithms running on an embedded Linux computer.


Optimize drone performance with Insights

It’s like Google Analytics for your drone. Constantly monitor and optimize drone performance with the cloud-based insights dashboard for manufacturers, with real-time analytics of vehicles in flight, including sensor data, feature usage, flight anomalies, and customer success.


Aim for enterprise with Mission Control

Enable your enterprise customers to plan autonomous missions and control flights easily with this simple, intuitive application designed for operators with minimal training. You can offer a white-label version under your own brand, providing live-streamed drone data and total drone operation in a single app available on iOS, Android, Windows, OS X and Linux.

Develop apps faster with SDKs

Develop robust apps faster with MAVSDK, a library for common programming languages with a high-level SDK to the thriving MAVLink ecosystem of compatible devices. It’s the simplest way to integrate components and peripherals on a vehicle, with easy-to-learn programmatic access to vehicle information and telemetry; plus control over missions, movement and other operations.

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