Auterion Reference Platform

Auterion Reference Hardware Platform2019-03-08T08:15:50+00:00

The IF750A

Best-in-class performance for commercial

applications on a validated hardware platform.

Included Hardware Components

Fully customizable to support the highest level of performance for demanding workflows.

  • Companion Computer
    Intel NUC

    Trimble MB-Two Accuracy: 1 cm horizontal, 2 cm vertical

  • Obstacle Avoidance/VIO Cameras
    4x Intel RealSense D435 (facing down, front, left, right)

  • Imaging Camera for Inspection and Surveying
    Compatible with Sony QX30U and more on the way

  • LiDAR
    Garmin LiDAR Lite v3HP

  • Flight controller
    FMUv5 reference design

  • Connectivity
    HD-video, Taisync ViuLinx, 8km (5 miles) LTE, Huawei E3372

  • Telemetry Radio Link
    TBS Crossfire 8CH Diversity Receiver 80km (50 miles) range

  • Gimbal
    Gremsy S1 or Walkera G-3S

  • Parachute
     Harrier recovery system

Included Hardware Capabilities

Centimeter-level accuracy from Trimble RTK GPS on board and from correction data for real-time location.

Accurate RealSense cameras and powerful Intel NUC computer for safe and autonomous flight clear of obstacles.

Whether you want to add new sensors, batteries, or payloads, the top plate enables complete customization of the hardware platform.