Train your pilots, practice your operations

Simulation enables your operators and pilots to practice more often, and with less set up and risk. It even enables them to test new vehicles.

Easy to use


Runs in the cloud

Our simulations run in the cloud, there’s no need to install simulation software on your own laptop or server.


Starts with the click of a button

Create new simulations directly in the Auterion Suite. Just select the vehicle and the environment and click “create”.


Laptop, tablet, controller

Use Auterion Mission Control on your laptop, tablet or on a hardware ground controller to control the simulation.


Autonomous missions

Plan and execute autonomous missions like surveys and execute them in simulation. Analyze outcome like photos or video captures in real-time.

Auterion Skynode Family


Automatic maneuvers

Practice augmenting your manual flights with automatic maneuvers like go-to, or orbits to practice missions like infrastructure inspection, where fully autonomous flight is not always the right choice.


Manual flight

Use a hardware ground controller to manually control the simulation with hardware sticks, or enable the virtual sticks on the display of Auterion Mission Control.

Auterion Powered Drones

Create your own training program

Choose what’s right for you

Multicopter or VTOL drone, desert or urban area, you choose the right vehicle and environment to make the simulation fit your purpose.


With our upcoming certification program, you will be able to use our template programs or create your custom program to train and certify operators and pilots for your drone operation.

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Auterion Suite

The centerpiece of your drone operation.

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