Auterion Ground Station

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Intuitive Flight Control and Mission Planning

AGS provides flight control and mission planning for vehicles running the Auterion Software Distribution.

Powerful Ground Control

The Auterion Ground Station (AGS) offers flight control and mission planning for all vehicles running Auterion software. Based on the open source QGroundControl, AGS runs on all common platforms from laptops to tablets. Since Auterion also develops the software on the drone, AGS is deeply integrated with it and allows operators an unprecedented level of control.

Automatic Mapping and Inspection

AGS provides everything you need for commercial drone flights, including setting waypoints, surveying areas, and scanning corridors. Pre-flight checking prior to launch is incorporated, guaranteeing the highest level of safety. During a mission, every aspect of the drone can be monitored, and camera controls are at your fingertips.

UTM and Compliance

Built-in Airmap services offer airspace and UTM information directly in your view, without having to switch apps. Weather and elevation information is displayed in real time. The Auterion Ground Station provides everything to let you fly compliant and with confidence.

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