Release notes: Auterion Enterprise PX4 release 1.1.

Release notes: Auterion Enterprise PX4 release 1.1.2019-10-02T09:56:44+00:00

1) New Features

Read more about all of the high-level features in our release blog post.

2) Notable Bug Fixes and Improvements

The following list highlights some important bug fixes relevant to the users of Auterion 1.1.

  • Fixes high CPU load on Pixhawk 4
  • Resolves wrong battery voltage readings on Pixhawk 4
  • Fixes video stream crash on mode switch
  • Fixes rare case where vehicle could flip on auto takeoff
  • Handles firmware upgrade failures in OTA update
  • Fixes problems with new revisions of LidarLite distance sensor module
  • Improves auto takeoff from AGS
  • Resolves initialization of estimator on inclined terrain
  • Additionally, Auterion 1.1 includes all bug-fixes of PX4 1.9

3) Technology Preview

This section highlights features that are included in Auterion 1.1 but are not enabled by default.

  • Obstacle Avoidance on the IF750A Platform
  • Pairing Manager
  • Nvidia TX2 support

4) Deprecated Functionality

  • Auterion 1.1 defaults to smooth multicopter Position Control (MPC_POS_MODE = 3). The old default mode can still be selected via parameter but is not officially supported.

5) Known Issues

A list of known flight control issues can be found on Github here.

6) Component Versions

This section provides an overview of the included core components and their versions in Auterion 1.1.

Component Version
PX4 Firmware V1.9.0-1.1.0
Avoidance e28321c
Auterion Ground Station 0.0.104
mavlink-router 209a39d
SDK 88c77e5
MAVLink 2.3
MAVROS 18b6b95
RealSense b4b863d

7) Architectures

This section provides an overview of the tested target hardware platforms for Auterion 1.1, including supported companion computer and flight controller combinations. Support for other combinations is available upon request.

Companion Computer Flight Controller Platform
Intel NUC Pixhawk 4 IF750A Quadcopter
BeagleBoard PocketBeagle Pixhawk 4 Generic Multicopter, Generic Quadplane VTOL, Generic Fixed Wing
BeagleBoard PocketBeagle Cube Generic Multicopter, Quadplane VTOL
Raspberry Pi 3 Cube Generic Multicopter
Intel UP Core Pixracer Generic Multicopter

Note: Obstacle Avoidance is only available on the Intel NUC and UpCore Companion Computer.

8) Flight Testing Coverage

This section provides an overview of flight test coverage.

Test Name Result and Notes
Auterion Distribution Cloud Connectivity pass
UAV readiness time pass
Connectivity Check pass
RC/GS Check Safety Modes pass
Take Off / Landing / Hover pass
Basic Movements pass
Advanced Movements pass
Mission (Waypoint, Corridor, Survey, Structure scan) pass
Collision prevention pass
Obstacle avoidance pass
Geofence pass
Gimbal movements and picture capturing pass