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“Everyone’s going open source: What’s driving the movement in the drone industry?“

Kevin Sartori
Auterion Co-Founder
April 30 at 1:15 pm  Room: S404bc

Kevin will present a special interactive panel with top senior leaders from startups, industry-leading companies, government entities, and regulators to discuss the rapid adoption of open source software and open standards in the UAV industry. In the last years, we’ve seen open source grow out of the R&D lab and beyond hobbyist, and find its home inside large corporations and even into DoD. You will learn why some of the leaders are leading the adoption of open standards and why suddenly the industry is embracing the power of open source.


”Monitoring and maintaining large fleets of UAVs using advanced cloud and deep learning based analytics of flight logs“.

Johannes Brand
Auterion Senior Data Scientist
April 30 at 3:30 pm  Room: S404bc

In his talk, Johannes will focus on presenting how cloud-based tools for automatically uploading, monitoring, and analyzing UAV flight data can be employed to maintaining large fleets of UAVs and increase the reliability of UASs. Johannes will also address the challenges of developing such tools for large varieties of UAV types and models as well as UAS objectives and will present results of how flight status monitoring and advanced flight analytics have increased the reliability of UAVs in our internal development and in the largest Open-Source ecosystem for drones.

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