Extend Auterion powered drones with your own code

Drones powered by Auterion are fully compatible with MAVSDK, the core for new apps, payloads, and micro services integrations that work across the fleet.


Build your own apps and integrations

Drones powered by the Auterion software platform are fully compatible with MAVSDK. This enables developers to integrate their services and payloads into drones powered by Auterion.

Fast and lightweight

Based on a C++ core, the MAVSDK is designed for speed, helping you to get your work done efficiently in a high-level language, without sacrificing performance.

Multi-language support

Idiomatic front end libraries with similar APIs are auto-generated for different programming languages: Python, Swift, Java, and C++. With JavaScript and C# on the way.

Cross platform

MAVSDK is available in your favorite development environment:
Linux, Mac, Windows, iOS, or Android.

Runs where you need it

MAVSDK can run on a vehicle-based companion computer (Air SDK), or on a ground-station (Ground SDK).

Extensible plugins

Integrate with custom hardware over MAVLink or add any other MAVLink API you need.


Connect to up to 255 PX4-based vehicles (copter, plane, VTOL), fetching telemetry and controlling movement.

Building upon and supporting open source

The MAVSDK open source project provides a simple API for controlling drones based on MAVLink, the de facto messaging protocol for drones. It provides access to critical flight telemetry, and gives you full control over operations through a simple and easy to use API available in multiple programming languages.

Auterion is committed to growing and supporting the PX4 ecosystem, including MAVSDK, and continues to lead in the number of contributions in 2020 for the third year in a row.

Interact and integrate

Integrate your app, service, or new payload with the Auterion software platform.

Integrate payloads and applications seamlessly into existing workflows and ERP systems to make your end-to-end experience as smooth as possible.


Seamless integrations with other sensors and services

MAVSDK expands the capabilities of the Auterion platform to include an ecosystem of services and MAVLink compatible payloads

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