Manage connected drones with Auterion Insights

You central hub for drone development, testing, deployment, and support. Monitor every detail of your drone fleet in real time with Auterion Insights, a cloud-based web application displaying all data about your prototype and production vehicles. 


Your DevOps and device management hub for drones

For Q/A and test engineers

It’s like DevOps for drones. Update the software on any prototype and accelerate the development and test cycles by having instant access to flight logs of the most recent flights.

For Product Managers

It’s like Google Analytics for you drones. Build better products and improve the UX by understanding how your drones are used and how they perform in real life. 

For Customer Support

Call your customers before they call you. With Auterion Insights you know at all times how your drones are performing. Issues are immediately escalated to the support team over email, text, or Zendesk.


Monitor and manage your devices in one place.

A central location to manage your drone product lifecycle, from streamlining your testing to managing your software versioning on the vehicles. Manage your drones develpopment with one click. 


Powerful dashboard

Combine multiple reports into a single dashboard.


Always in Sync

Don’t worry about the data, always be synchronized

analytics features

Consolidated insights into your devices

Log files from your flights are automatically captured and run through our advanced deep learning algorithms to identify anomalies and issue proactive warnings when needed. Get immediate answers to questions like, how many flights were completed last week, what was the average flight time, were any of the missions aborted early, are any drones displaying unusual behavior.

Insights at your fingertips

The Auterion Insights platform visualizes all of your flights and vehicles in a set of convenient dashboard widgets, giving you immediate access to the most important KPIs. Filter based on your vehicle, flight date, software version, and more to always have a pulse on how your vehicles are performing.

Fleet view with KPIs
Flight status history
Works in autonomous missions

Online fleet management

All vehicles automatically upload their logs, so you have no delays, never have to deal with SD cards and file transfers, and you can instantly share the results with your team. Your fleet’s health is continuously monitored for performance optimization and compliance.

 Deep insights into vehicles
 Instant log file uploads
No more cables or SD cards
 Know what software is installed

Build better products 

The Auterion Insights dashboard provides a visual overview of flight statistics across an entire fleet as well as focused on individual devices. Product managers can monitor how many flights were completed, what the average flight time was and whether any missions were aborted early. Drone manufacturers can measure feature usage, flight anomalies, and customer success.

 Vehicle and fleet statistics
 Surface anomalies
 Fleet health check
 Monitor usage

Remote software updates

Software updates — ensuring security, fixing critical flight issues, and adapting to changing regulations — are managed remotely with ease, whether you have just a few or even thousands of vehicles. No more searching for the right cable or wondering which of the drones have been updated or not; the dashboard lets you take care of this in a single view.

 Software versioning
 Critical fixes
 Safety updates
 Scalable from one to many

Identify anomalies

Identify potential issues before they become real problems. The system learns as it goes. Your flight information is automatically aggregated and run through our advanced machine learning algorithms to identify anomalies and issue alerts when needed.

 Automatic flight analysis
 Deep learning model for each vehicle
 Escalation to customer support team
 Zendesk integration

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