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Auterion Academy is an online training channel for developers wanting to start learning about drone software technology.


Training courses and product demos

We are at the forefront of open source software development for drone enterprises. Learn how to develop with PX4 and leverage our software solutions.


The next big thing after Pixhawk

It’s been ten years since Pixhawk was created by Lorenz Meier and started to become what is today an established standard in the industry. Pixhawk shaped the drone industry and the time has come to take this heritage up with the next generation. Join our live webinar on May 5th to see Lorenz Meier launch the next big thing after Pixhawk.

Auterion Enterprise PX4 In-house Training

Auterion’s PX4 experts help you build skills and knowledge through real-world content on PX4, QGC, MAVSDK, UAVCAN and ROS fundamentals. With our deep expertise, we are uniquely positioned to provide the highest quality of technical training on PX4 based technologies.