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Getting started with MAVSDK – Python

This post will focus on showing, step by step, how to get up and running with a drone using MAVSDK-Python. MAVSDK is a set of libraries providing a high-level API to MAVLink, providing easy to learn programmatic access to vehicle information and telemetry.

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PX4 Roadmap 2019 Webinar

PX4 is becoming an industry standard, adopted by most of the players in the drone industry. The key maintainers of the community presented the 2019 roadmap of the largest open source drone community.

PX4 Roadmap 2019 Webinar2019-08-30T20:37:22+00:00

MAVSDK Webinar Recap

The webinar on the SDK was a lesson on how to write apps and control PX4 powered drones from a convenient SDK. The SDK supports different programming languages and can be used on mobile, desktop and servers.

MAVSDK Webinar Recap2019-08-30T20:38:19+00:00