The Story of Auterion

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The Start of the Pixhawk Project | 2008

Pixhawk, the standard and independent open-hardware autopilot project, was born at ETH Zurich under the leadership of Auterion’s Co-Founder, Lorenz Meier.

MAVLink and QGC Start | 2009

MAVLink, the protocol for communicating with small unmanned vehicles,  and QGround Control, the flight controller and mission planner projects, begin at ETH.

Global Adoption of Open Source Code | 2010

Most academic projects worldwide start adopting the open source code developed in the ETH labs.

PX4 is Born | 2011

PX4, the most widely used open source autopilot operating system for drones, is created by Lorenz Meier.

Pixhawk Kits | 2013

First Pixhawk autopilot kits are created and globally distributed.

Ready to Fly Products | 2014

The first ready to fly products enter the markets globally.

Dronecode part of Linux Foundation | 2016

PX4, QGC and MAVLink become part of the Linux Foundation as Dronecode Project.

Auterion First Product Release | 2018

Auterion, the company builds the open source operating system for commercial drones on top of PX4, releases the first version of the Auterion Distribution.

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